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100% VA Financing

VA 100% financing up to $500,000 Anne Arundel County and VA 5% down payment up $625,000. This program will vary as the VA county limits change.

Long Term Lock In (up to 360 days)

We have options for locking in FHA/VA/Conventional/Conventional Jumbo for up to one year. We will review all options with borrower to determine which matches best with borrower’s profile. There is a guaranteed rate option - rate will not change during locked timeframe; an option with float down if rates improve during lock time frame; and a lock option with a guaranteed range for the rate.

5% Down Payment to $625,000

This program will fill the gap in financing from a $417,000 - $625,000 loan amount with 5% down payment. At this time, FHA will allow up to $560,000 in Anne Arundel County with 3.5% down payment, but the mortgage insurance is very expensive. The mortgage insurance also stays in place for life of the loan with FHA. With conventional 5% down program, the mortgage insurance can be removed once 20% equity on the home.

Builder Incentive Program with CDA

This program is available for first time buyers (not owned a home in last three years). In Anne Arundel County, the maximum price will be $429,000 and maximum income for household size of two or less will be $102,000 and $119,800 for three or higher. This is a great program for buyers that do not have sufficient funds for down payment and to help reduce the amount a buyer will need in builder help. Community Development Administration (CDA) will match up to $2,500 from builder contribution. This would mean the follow for the borrower:

  • $2,500 Builder
  • $2,500 CDA match
  • $5,000 DSELP from CDA
  • $10,000 total contribution for buyer with only $2,500 from builder

For More Information

To learn more about any of the above-mentioned programs, contact Sam Rosenblatt at Academy Mortgage.

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