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Awards & Recognition

Builder of Integrity awardBuilder Of Integrity

Ameri-Star Homes is proud to receive the Builder of Integrity award from Quality Builders Warranty (QBW). Few builders achieve such high regard in the industry, and even fewer are financially sound.  With our continued commitment to exceeding your expectations, we have worked with QBW – the nation’s premier ten-year new home warranty program - to offer their superior warranty service to our buyers for over 20 years.

Builders of Integrity strive for excellence, consistently creating quality homes and providing dedicated service to their customers. Builders that display the QBW logo bear the mark of integrity for having passed a strict set of standards. Homebuyers obtain peace of mind when they select a builder approved by QBW.

True Client Testimonials

It has been said that the best sales people are satisfied customers. Below are just a few of our success stories, from real people just like you who trusted Ameri-Star to deliver their dream.

It has been a little more than one year since we moved into our new-build, Ameri-Star home, and we wanted to write a review to express our appreciation and gratitude to the Ameri-Star team for walking us through the home building process with professionalism and kindness and delivering a beautiful home that we have enjoyed thoroughly thus far.

From the moment we walked into the model home, we were treated with a kindness and personal interest above and beyond any other property we had previously looked at. Wendy Oliver walked us through the home explaining in great detail everything included in the price of building the home. We were first astonished at all the upgrades that were included in the base price, compared to other builders. We were then won over with Wendy’s professional and gracious attitude, which continued from the time we looked at the home until after we moved into the home.

Due to the location of our home, the permit process took much longer than expected. While it was difficult because we were expecting a child at the same time, Wendy was in constant communication with us and worked with our needs every step of the way. She, and Ameri-Star, went above and beyond to get our permits as soon as they could and to build our home in a timely fashion, as the County allowed. Wendy went beyond shepherding us through the process and became a true friend who was very interested in our happiness with not only the outcome of our home, but also with the process of building our home.

We finally moved into our beautiful home and were very satisfied with the quality of what was delivered. We did have an initial issue with our plumbing, but Ameri-Star was extremely responsive (responding immediately to our issue in the middle of a hurricane before the plumber could get here) and covered all the necessary items that required repair thereafter. Ameri-Star followed-up with us to ensure that we were satisfied with the outcome of the repairs, rather than just leaving it up to us to follow-up. Ameri-Star truly cared that the quality of our home was up to their standards and our standards after the issue had been resolved.

Throughout this entire year and during our one-year home walk-through, Ameri-Star and its subcontractors have been immediately responsive to any questions and/or needs that we have had. Specifically, the lead on-site from Ameri-Star on our home, Joe, has gone above and beyond to ensure we understand how to use everything in our home, how to address any issues that may arise in owning our home and how to prevent common household issues from occurring. He responds immediately to our communications and gives us extremely useful pieces of information that we otherwise would never have known. We cannot say enough about his ability to make everything right when there is an issue that needs to be addressed and to make you feel comfortable that everything in your home has been given the greatest care and thought before being turned over to you to live in.

We feel extremely blessed that we were able to work with such an incredible team during our home building process. They treated us with great kindness and professionalism and took the time and precision to address every detail in the home with utmost care. We would highly recommend working with Ameri-Star in your home building process. You will not only get the most quality and quantity of upgrades for your money, but you will also work with people who really care that you are taken care of and are happy with their finished product.

A Very Happy Family, Severna Park MD

Working with Ameri-Star was one of the most pleasant experiences my family and I have had with a business, ever. There is no question that their dedication to their customers is their top priority. The quality of their construction is evident in every room in our house. We chose Ameri-Star initially because of their willingness to assist us with modifications to our house for a family member with special needs. They stayed true to that promise and not only met our needs but exceeded them in every way possible. Working with the team at Ameri-Star was also rewarding, each member presented themselves as though they were part of our family and took personal interest in our needs for our house. I will recommend Ameri-Star to any potential homebuyer in the future.

Evan and Megan Turk

A note of thanks to express our appreciation to you and Ameri-Star for the outstanding treatment and service given to us. Ameri-Star is truly a first class company. Every person we met, with you being the first, has been just superb to work with. Thanks again and please pass this note of thanks to the others in Ameri-Star that have been so helpful.

Eleanor and Leo Mahoney

I think you, Carlyn, have summed it up better than I could ever say it. The "patience" and "understanding" that ALL of you have had for me since this very intense project began, well, I am indebted to you forever. The amount of hard work definitely does NOT go unappreciated in any way!!

The true "Dedication" that all of you possess, well, it's a beauty and a gift you all have in what you do, a true passion and the results are so rewarding. I have NEVER built from the ground up. I have never taken on a challenge like this one on my own. Sometimes I do not even understand myself and why I cannot conceive the entire detailed picture. I THINK I understand, but in truth, I do not supply the confidence as a leader in such creativity structure.

I knew this was going to be a tough project and I guess I am a bit of a "perfectionist" - just in an inconsistent way about me. Lastly, The friendships that have come from this. Since the day I walked in to the model off New Cut Rd, a new life began. The excitement, the anxiety, the indecisions could have gotten a different reception, however, ALL of you have STUCK WITH ME and I just want you to know how appreciative I am. Any drastic change would have best been unspoken from me, just because you have gone ABOVE And BEYOND for this to happen.

So, THANK YOU ALL for putting up with me... and NO MORE CHANGES!! This house, the sanctuary YOU are building for me is going to be spectacular!! I cannot wait for ALL OF YOU to see it first!!

I admire, respect all of you...thank you for coming into my life.


Buy almost what you want or buy what you deserve. The attention to detail, thoughtfulness, and overall attractiveness make Ameri-Star Homes the standard in Anne Arundel County and perhaps throughout Maryland.

Ameri-Star is a family that adopts you and your family. They are there for you before, during, and after Settlement. They do not push the sale, grab the money and run as is common today. John Arigo, the Project Superintendent, builds as if for his mom. Wendy Oliver, Vice President Sales, blends attention-to detail and execution with a patient caring spirit. Joe, the on-sight representative during construction, is simply a treasure - He ensures the highest craftsmanship and an eager heart to help. Dan Dinko, the owner and President who created Ameri-Star, now leads such a fine business family.

During our research, current Ameri-Star owners happily confirmed the build quality and Ameri-Stars fulfillment of their pledge to repair cheerfully any of the stray items needing restore under the first year warranty. We could not find any complaints listed against Ameri-Star Homes.

Our Home Inspector, having examined previous Ameri-Star Homes, admitted they make it hard to find major and minor necessary repairs. During the debriefing, upon hearing that some plumbing repairs were needed, Joe, the onsite representative during construction, halted the meeting to call the plumbers back to the home. They arrived within 20 minutes and the repairs were done to everyone's satisfaction within a few hours.

Our homebuyer's agent was very impressed with the stellar build quality. She agreed that it offered us "Custom, stick-built quality at townhome prices." The "Punch List" was tiny - a fraction of what she has seen from the major builders. Moreover our agent was astonished that Joe himself led the initial and final "walk-throughs" plus a detailed "How to care for your new home" hands-on seminar. John made time to be on hand offering insights and specific tips that we found very beneficial.

We bought the "Builders" model. The upgrades were just what we wanted - upgraded kitchen, solid wood floor on the first floor, finished basement, and many other nice touches.

You can buy almost what you want. However, you owe it to yourself to enjoy an Open House or private showing with the Ameri-Star family. Build quality and of quality builders cannot be faked. We hope that your home search ends as well as ours so you may "live happily ever after."

Joe and Sandy Tweed

Our family has lived in our new home in Brooklyn Park for about two months now. We have NEVER been happier. Our home was built exactly the way we wanted it. Down to the very smallest of details not one thing was overlooked. The quality and craftsmanship that was put into my home displays Ameri-star's outstanding efforts to put professional and personal pride into every aspect of building. The quality and selection of the materials used is also outstanding. I would put my home up against model home from any other builder.

We cannot thank Wendy Oliver enough. She catered to our every whim; calmed all our worries and saw to it that the home buying process was as painless as it could be. We picked the colors, fixtures, decided were the cable jacks should go, signed a few things that was about it. Wendy you are the bomb girl. Carrie and I not only got our home in this process but we gained a friend. THANK YOU!

Six months ago, we decided to sell our townhouse in order to buy a single family home. I researched new homes being built in Pasadena, and I came across Ameri-Star Homes. I viewed the floor plans, options, and virtual tour offered online by this builder, and was attracted immediately. The next afternoon, we called our realtor, Chip, and he set us up to meet Wendy at the future lot. Wearing her high heels in 2 feet of snow, Wendy graciously gave us a tour of the lot, and a half hour later, we went to her office to buy our home!

During the home-buying process, we were treated with the utmost respect and hospitality by the Ameri-Star crew. The offices were clean and stocked with snacks and drinks. The affiliates (floors, plumbing, etc.) were courteous and helpful. The options that come standard with these homes are unbelievable. Our family and friends couldn't believe our "standard" granite countertops, stainless steel appliances, and landscaping.

During the building process, it is necessary that we recognize John and Joe. John, a tell-it-like-it-is kind of guy, helped us make sound decisions about our home- from placements of outlets to where our fence should be constructed to make the best use of our land with small children. Our experienced realtor, Chip Burnett, who has sold and purchased homes to everyone in our family, mentioned several times that John has the lowest "punch-out list" of any builder he's worked with. When we moved in, we saw that this was true. Joe oversaw every detail of the construction of our home. Each time I "stalked" the property as it was being built, Joe was making sure that everything was "just so". He went so far as to turn every screw in our home to 12 o'clock! There wasn't a smudge on a window, a mark on a wall, or a footprint on the carpet when we moved in. These guys are awesome!

As I sat on my chair watching the fireworks out of my great room window on the 4th of July, I realized just how lucky I was to be in a home like this. It is a privilege to have worked with such an amazing group of people at Ameri-Star Homes. Wendy, thank you for your patience, grace, and kindness. John, thank you for your guidance (we needed it). Joe, thank you for letting your Type A come out during the construction of our house. And Chip, thank you for topping off our home-buying experience. We are sad that we won't have a reason to have daily contact with you. You are a wonderful realtor. Thank you all for making our American dream come true. We've got it all now!

With Happiness and Gratitude,

Sara and Jon Kelly

When we first met Wendy and the folks at Ameri-Star Homes, we already had a house but were in dire straits due to my grandfather's health requiring him to have a first floor bedroom. Wendy showed us the Talbot; it was a nice design but really didn't fit our needs. But my family really loved the look and feel that the Talbot offered. So I started asking questions concerning modifying the plans to meet our needs. We redesigned the interior completely. I was there everyday from ground breaking to finished construction. Having a beyond basic understanding of construction I was astounded with not only the quality of the work, but also how quickly and efficiently the house went up. Now I have to admit that during the process that I was worried about the size of the rooms being able to accommodate the needs of the family. But on the day we did final walk through and we got to see how it all came together I was almost floored by how everything ended up. But that wasn't all Wendy and Brenda also sold our old home in 11 days from the time it went on the market. So as far as finding a quality builder who will go above and beyond what you expect Ameri-Star is definitely that builder.

Thank you all from the Siler's and Dorsey's

I would like to advise everyone who will listen or read about our Great experience. We are now living the American Dream thanks to Dan, Wendy and Sean. I called Wendy after we looked at some houses for around the same price that it would cost for a Brand New Home from Ameri-Star. When I spoke to Wendy I said “what's the catch”? Let me tell you people there is no catch you will get a Great House for a Great Price.

I have severed over ten years in the military and now I'm a Police Officer. I know what it is like moving and more moving with no true filling of Home. I'm not going to write a bunch of stuff here that doesn't matter. All I want to do is tell anyone who reads this to trust Dan, Wendy, Sean and everyone at Ameri-Star. I’m a real guy with a real family, now in a real house. These people are a class act! I'm telling you because they all went out of their way to get my family in a Brand New Home! They all could have said no but they worked their tail off and God Bless them they got us in. Words cannot describe what I feel about these people. I'm truly Thankful and Grateful. Trust me I'm a real person here and I am now Living the American Dream. When they built our home no short cuts were taken only top of the line products. Rick you were awesome, Thank you so much for everything. This was so easy and painless. All I can say is if you miss out on this and go somewhere else it will be a mistake. Well let me get back to enjoying and loving our New Home. Thank you so much Dan, Wendy and Sean you guys help change our lives THANK YOU!!! WOW!!! We did it!

George, Amie and Baby Riley

Nick and I took a very risky chance when we decided to purchase our first home while at the same time planning a wedding. Much to our surprise, however, the process could not have gone smoother! We are extremely pleased with Ameri-Star and the quality of the home they built for us. Not only was the construction on our home completed timely and without any problems, the end result is absolutely perfect! We are thrilled with our new home and look forward to creating many wonderful memories in it. We would recommend Ameri-Star to anyone especially first time homebuyers who need extra guidance and patience!

We are especially appreciative to Wendy Oliver for guiding us during this whole process and making it as stress-free as possible. From our first meeting with Wendy, we were impressed with her professionalism and dedication to her job. Wendy was, and still is, always available to answer any questions or address any concerns we might have. Even when she was away on maternity leave, Wendy went out of her way to make sure everything with our home was exactly how we wanted it to be. She is a great asset to the company and was a tremendous help to us during this experience.

The Ameri-Star team including their staff, contractors, and vendors are true professionals and share the same positive qualities as Wendy. We feel very fortunate to have had such a positive experience during this process and will always be grateful to Ameri-Star and Wendy.

Thanks again for everything!

Nicholas and Marjorie D'Ambrosio

Our family moved to Fort Meade in 2003 after being stationed in Italy for 3 years. We have been living in base housing these last 4 years and were starting to "outgrow" our cramped surroundings. With the help of our wonderful realtor Linda Odum, we looked at several local properties and came across an Ameri-Star sign completely by chance. She set up an appointment for us to sit down with their representative- the wonderful Wendy Oliver. She was genuinely interested in what our wants and needs were in a home.

From day one, everyone at Ameri-Star worked with both my husband and myself and my unusual work schedule. We were even able to input design ideas for our master bedroom suite and bath as well as the rec room. The overall quality of work done was outstanding and we were able to build a brand new home that is truly personalized for less than the properties we had been looking at. We have already recommended Ameri-Star to some of our friends on base because we are so pleased. Thank you Wendy, Rick, Leah and everyone at Ameri-Star for everything!

Deanna V Hudson-Hockenbrock

I want to thank each and every one of you for the wonderful job you did building our new home.

This is our third new home and is by far the best built home we've ever lived in or seen. I used to own a cleaning business and have been in many new homes that were much higher priced and the workmanship shadowed in comparison to yours. From the time and creativeness put into rearranging the floor plan on your Charles model to suit me, adding in the custom windows at our request and even the smallest of details, such as Rodney deciding to put a deluxe wood trim door jam at our kitchen entry because he thought it looked nicer, all of you at Ameri-Star treat each home buyer like they are the most important client you have.

Wendy, you didn't just treat us as clients, but also treated us as friends. From the time we first met with you and I wanted to change the floor plan of the model that was being built on our lot to suit my taste, you bent over backwards to have every change made that you possibly could for me and informed me right away if there was something that we could not change. You actually made it possible for me to buy a custom built home at a production price. You were always helpful during the process of selecting colors and options and were patient with us if we wanted to make any changes. You were in contact with me almost on a daily basis during the entire building and settlement process. I miss you terribly now that I don't get a chance to talk to you each day.

Rodney, you oversaw every aspect of the building process and made sure that each subcontractor performed quality work. Whenever we had a question you answered it, a problem, you solved it. You made me feel as if you expected each of your subcontractors to build this home as if it were yours. Many of the minor things that a buyer normally finds during an initial walkthrough were taken care of before we even walked into the house and those that were not, we did not have to point them out to you, so much as you already seeing them before we arrived and pointing them out to us. You made sure that anything that was not able to be fixed before settlement was done as quickly as possible afterward.

Greg, you did a fantastic job in redesigning the floor plan of the “Charles” model so that I could incorporate just about every option that I wanted. I knew how I wanted the house to look and designed a makeshift floor plan on paper and took what I had, added your expertise and made almost everything I wanted workable. You were honest and upfront with me from the beginning about the limits we had because of the “county Setbacks” but aside adding a front porch, which the setbacks would not allow, you were able to incorporate everything else into the floor plan and make it work.

Dan, many times when I rode past the building site, I saw you there checking on things yourself. When I realized that you do this with all the homes you build, I knew I had made the right choice when I chose Ameri-Star to build my home.

There are so many things I love about my new home. My favorite thing, I've told Wendy, is my luxury bath and whirlpool tub which was something that was added to the floor plan for me. All of my bedrooms have ample room, not like some other homes that you see where you have one large bedroom and the rest look like large closets. In fact, the walk in closet in the third bedroom is as big as the room itself. All of the other closets are very roomy. The Corian Countertop upgrade and the addition of the built in desk in my kitchen shoe the high quality craftsmanship that went into building this home. The hardwood floors in the entry, powder room, dining room and kitchen are beautifully finished and really make a great first impression when people come into my home. Everyone has remarked about how much they love the wide stairs leading to the second floor. It gives the entry hall more elegant feel. The deluxe trim and panel doors that Ameri-Star uses on all their homes give the whole home a custom look and feel. The extra basement space under the family room addition is a great storage area which was much needed.

I don't plan on moving again but if I do, you guys will the first to know because now that we have lived in a home built by Ameri-Star, we would never buy anything else. Thank you again for everything you have done to make our new home such a wonderful place to live.


Robin Sowers

I like to share our recent home building experience with Ameri-Star Homes. Last month you completed building our dream house. As you recall, this was our second house we had built by Ameri-Star Homes. Both experiences were wonderful; however, this time was better because we had the pleasure of working directly with you. Wendy you were always just a phone call or email away when we needed you. You went out of your way to make adjusts to our floor plan needs. Dan should be proud of your dedication and determination. Rick was wonderful, too. He made all of our walk-thru's go smoothly. He was ready to make the changes we desired and even took time to offer helpful hints and advice. Ameri-Star's entire staff should be commended for their patience and communication.

I was quite impressed with Ameri-Star's approach to building homes in 2007. From picking out our appliances and cabinets, to visiting your countertops and flooring vendors, Ameri-star makes you feel that your house is customized without the customized price. But it did not stop there, most impressively; I thank you for inviting me on the site to witness the foundation, framing and drywall inspections. Meeting your vendors during these visits, provided insight and suggestions for improving the design of our new home. I was also able to develop working relationship with some of the people who could visit me after we moved in.

Finally, I consider shopping around for other builders when we decided to build this house. But I realized that choice was too simple – Stay with what makes you happy. Ameri-Star Homes makes you will feel like family. They take care of their clients and their needs. Dan Dinko's commitment to his company, employees, and clients is what made us decide to have another house built by him and his staff. Dan and his staff understand that the job is not done until the homeowner is happy. Luckily for us, Dan was able to duplicate our happiness. We are thrilled with our final product.

Thanks Ameri-Star for everything!!!

The Geckle Family

I don't know if you get a chance to see the houses being built but, yesterday they finished the brick on the front of our house and "WOW"! It looks great!. We are all so excited and get even more excited as we see the development of our new home.

As a licensed realtor, soon to be living in Anne Arundel County, it will be with first hand experience that I will show potential clients an Ameri-Star home, and share my most positive home building experience with them. The workmanship is the best out there with much attention to detail.

This has been a very pleasant experience, so far, and I know it will continue to be, even after our home is completed. You have been a joy to work with and Ameri-Star Homes are very fortunate to have you on there team. In addition to the office staff, the crews that are working on the job site are just as pleasant.

Thanks again!!


I wanted to extend my sincere appreciation for all your hard work and dedication that went into the building of my new home. I love the Calvert model, and I home so happy that I added on the family room!

Your mission of premium, quality new homes was shown by the attention to detail and expert craftsmanship that went into my new home. I was very pleased from the lot selection to the careful planning of the options, to the step by step building of the home. I can't thank you enough for all your patience in answering my million questions and coordinating each and every step in the building process and closing/settlement.

Your integrity and determination to provide your customers with a high quality custom built home in a reasonable time frame is clearly shown in every department of your company"

Becky Ballard

We are writing to let you know how pleased we are with our new home that your company built for us. It was exciting to be able to plan and watch our home being constructed from beginning to finish. Your employees and contractors were courteous, professional and on the ball. At various times during construction we would go to our future homesite to check on building progress. Many of those times, we would run into Dan, who was also checking the building progress. It made us feel as though Dan was overseeing the construction of our home as if it were his own. Our friends and relatives have commented on what a beautifully constructed home we have. As a matter of fact, we've been told by several people in our neighborhood that we have the prettiest house on the street. We're glad that we made the decision to have Ameri-Star construct our home. We would highly recommend Ameri-Star to anyone interested in having a home built. In years to come, if we ever decided to sell our home, we would look to Ameri-Star again. We're confident that we would get a beautiful quality built home. Thank You Ameri-Star!!!!

Eric and Carol Mitchell

Our experience with Ameri-Star Homes was wonderful. Many people go through a lot of headaches when having a home built but, we can say that was not the case with us. Everyone at Ameri-Star was great to work with. We think the contractors that Ameri-Star used in building our home did a fantastic job. We would recommend Ameri-Star to anyone that is interested in having a home built because of the professionalism of the Ameri-Star team and the smooth process we encountered.

Purnell & Tina Oden

I cannot adequately convey with words how completely satisfied my wife and I are with our Ameri-Star home. The quality of the product and service has exceeded our expectations. The after-sale lawn care tips are especially helpful. We don't foresee ever outgrowing this house, but if we do, we'll definitely call Ameri-Star.

Rick and Lynn Chapman

Recently, we had the wonderful opportunity to purchase our first new home from your company. As we all know, a new home is one of the most important financial investments that we may ever decide to make, thus it can be a very stressful, hectic, and tiring process. Your company's friendly informative staff, top notch professionalism and fine quality workmanship exceeded our expectations and truly made for a very pleasant home buying experience. Once we moved into our new home, any minor adjustments needed were easily handled in a timely fashion by Ameri-Star as well as your support contractors. We wanted to extend our warmest thanks and appreciation for a fine quality product and look forward to a lifetime of happiness in our beautiful new home.

Dan and Bob are swift and effective. It is hard to find people these days who take pride in their work...these two people surely do. We are very glad you have them as part of your staff and that they are involved in making this house a happy one. These men are excellent at what they do.

Philip and Dora Branco

We wanted to take a moment to let you know how pleased we are with the quality of the construction of our new Ameri-Star home. It is nice to know that your company takes pride in the work that they do. We continue to be impressed by the attention to detail. The windows are double hung with wood frames and wood molding. The baseboard molding is 4 inches instead of the standard 2 inches, which is really nice. Several of our friends and family have commented on the high quality of the material and installation of the vinyl siding. The drywall work is excellent. All of these things and more continue to assure us that we have made a great choice in choosing an Ameri-Star home. Thank you for building such a nice home.

James W. Clutz and Walter J. Washel

Thank you for making my new home purchase such a delightful experience. The process went very smoothly and was done in a timely fashion. The house looks wonderful. I am very happy I chose Ameri-Star Homes as my builder.

Veronica Burnette

I wanted to let you know how happy I am with the custom home you built for my family. The construction was completed in a professional and timely manner. I appreciate your attention to detail in every aspect in the construction of my home, from the framing, to the drywall, trim, and finish work. I would recommend Ameri-Star Homes to anyone wishing to have a quality home constructed.

Rodney Jones

We've just moved into our beautiful new Frederick II and wanted to take a moment to thank the entire Ameri-Star team.

Ameri-Star is not your everyday construction company! They built us a quality home and constantly communicated with us every step of the way. Unlike most builders, they use high-quality materials and include features only offered as upgrades from other builders. We love the wood-floored foyer, 9-foot ceilings, window molding, upgraded baseboards, and beautifully appointed kitchen. Even the exterior is a step above.

When we decided to contract Ameri-Star to build our home, many people, warned us of the impending stress, aggravation, and pitfalls of new home construction. Although the experience came with its share of bumps and bruises, it was nothing like some of the horror stories we heard from people who used other builders. From the first phone call to the last, Ameri-Star treated us like a partner in the process. They always tried to accommodate my seemingly endless demands. Every Ameri-Star customer we've met has been extremely happy with their home and we are happy to join their ranks.

But what is a company without its people. Ameri-Star has some of the most professional, friendly, and experienced people I have ever done business with. They are not just a company, they are a family and they welcomed us in with open arms. They didn't build a house, they built us a home!

To each of the Ameri-Star team members, thank you!! We would like to specifically thank the following:

  • Dan – Thank you for having the vision to create such a great homebuilding business and surrounding yourself with such great people! Ameri-Star is a thriving business with a small business personality. Even though you have a large client-base, your team treated us like we were their most important customer!
  • John Arigo and Rodney Jones – Thank you for building such a great house! Especially the spectacular landscaping solution you came up with. You both knew best and stuck to your guns. You've proven the customer is not always right and they should rely on the expertise of the professionals. We appreciate your attention to even the smallest detail and dedication to ‘getting it right’! Even after the sale, you've both gone out of your way to resolve every issue we've raised. That is a rare and wonderful quality! Ameri-Star is lucky to have both of you on their team. You really know your stuff and it shows in the quality of the home.
  • Wendy – What can we say – We have found a very special friend in you!! From day-one, working with you has been more like working with a close friend than a business person. You were always able to maintain your professionalism while treating us like family. You are very candid and honest and that is so rare in businesses today. We really appreciate that you are both very professional and pleasant to work with. We can't tell you how enjoyable and you have made this experience for Sue and I. It is refreshing to work with someone who is so in touch with their customers' needs and the importance of getting them the best house for their money. You exceeded our expectations because you were so willing to go "the extra mile". We know Ameri-Star appreciates how much you contribute to the company's outstanding image and reputation!!

Thank you again, to the entire Ameri-Star team. We know we were tough customers (how much did you make on the jar?), but we have high expectations and Ameri-Star met them every step of the way. Sue and I do not usually prepare testimonials, but we will not hesitate to recommend you to people in the market for a new construction home. In fact, if we're ever in the market for a new construction home again, Ameri-Star will be the first and only call we will make.


Ed and Sue Rocksvold

Working with the staff at Ameri-Star Homes was the most pleasant experience I have ever had buying a home. Every member of the Ameri-Star family bent over backwards to make sure I got exactly what I wanted in the house and the end result was phenomenal!! My new home was artfully and beautifully designed and the floor plan (the Frederick) makes practical and intelligent use of all available space. My brother and I both purchased homes from Ameri-Star and I would (and have) recommended doing business with Ameri-Star to anyone in the market for their dream home, because they certainly built me mine!

Kristin Drapalski