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Common Questions


What occurs when we go to settlement?

Settlement is when Ameri-Star Homes transfers ownership of the property you contract to purchase to you as the Buyer. If you need specific information about fees that are involved for this process, contact the Title Company that will be conducting your settlement.

When can I lock in my interest rate?

Lenders offer lock in periods as early as one year prior to closing. Ameri-Star Homes requires that you lock in at least 30 days before your scheduled Settlement Date. As many lenders offer different packages, you should consult with your lender directly. Ameri-Star Homes is not responsible for locking in rates for any reason. You should not lock in your rate until an Ameri-Star Homes representative has confirmed your scheduled date to settle; as doing so without confirmation is At Your Own Risk.

Can I go inside the home while it is being built?

Ameri-Star Homes recognizes that having a new home built is a very exciting process. There are many unknown hazards on a construction site that can cause serious injuries or even death. Because of those risks, Ameri-Star Homes does not allow any visiting of the construction site without prior authorization and accompaniment from one of our representatives.

What if I am supplying my own appliances?

If you are supplying any of your own appliances other than a range, you may not move them in until you have gone to Settlement. Ameri-Star Homes' insurance carriers will not provide coverage for your appliances for any claims due to theft, or damage. If you are supplying your own range, you must contact your Ameri-Star Homes representative.

Can I move some of my things in before Settlement?

Ameri-Star Homes does not allow you or your belongings to occupy the home until you have gone to Settlement. Once you have gone to Settlement, your homeowner's policy will cover your family and your possessions inside your new home.