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Our Land Team

Ameri-Star Homes has been actively involved in identifying land opportunities, value engineering, and developing land for almost 3 decades. With our experience, knowledge, and expertise we are able to develop property for optimal use while maintaining the integrity of the community in an environmentally friendly manner.

We have an experienced and dedicated LAND TEAM that continuously conducts searches for homesites. When we engage with you, we identify precisely what you are trying to accomplish in terms of your search. Then we go to work to evaluate our extensive land inventory and other available opportunities in your marketplace This intense search process gives us the ability to identify land that is not typically known to be available for sale. You’ll have access to land inventories not necessarily known to the general public. Armed with this advantage, we are confident Our Land Team can help find you the best fit for your new home.

Our sales staff performs a quick evaluation of what you are trying to accomplish in your search for a homesite … geographies, site characteristics, budget, etc. We establish your total budget taking into consideration the Ameri-Star home plan you’ve selected. Once the homesite is identified we vet the cost to improve the homesite with such items as clearing. grading, installation of utilities like water, sewer, gas and electric, stormwater management, and many others This prepares you to make a good decision on whether to pursue the homesite for purchase. Once your desired homesite decision is made, we can assist you in contracting and acquiring the homesite to build on.

Simply fill out the form below and an Ameri-Star professional will contact you and set up a no-obligation consultation regarding your currently owned homesite OR a plan to assist you in searching, evaluating, and obtaining a homesite.

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