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A critical element in the process is selecting the best financing program to acquire and build on your homesite. Our professional team and network of select approved specialized lenders will assist you in evaluating your options in financing.

There is an array of special financing programs entitled “Construction-Perm” financing that provide both financial AND ancillary benefits. Those might include:

  • LONG TERM INTEREST RATE LOCKS.  Learn how you can lock your interest rate in for ONE year or longer and avoid interest rate increases during your building time frame.
  • LOWER CLOSING COSTS. Construction-Perm Financing can lower your closing costs as opposed to the typical financing utilized while acquiring an existing home
  • ONE TIME MOVE. Under certain circumstances you can commence building your new home without selling you existing home up-front. This would allow you the opportunity to coordinate the sale and settlement of your existing home with the completion of your new home..

Our experienced Sales Team can provide multiple lenders with expertise in Construction-Perm financing programs that provides you the opportunity to select the most beneficial program for your situation. Simply fill out the form below and an Ameri-Star Homes professional will provide you with this information.

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