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3 Types of Home Layouts

October 24, 2023
photo 9 kitchen, hallway, and basement door
The home layout is what fosters traffic flow. Here are three layouts to try out!

The layout of your home can completely change how you move and live. With a new construction home, you can choose the one that suits you best. Given that our home designs are customizable, you have even more flexibility. Of course, some designs are tried and true and can be decent inspiration for your unique floor plan. Our previous blog post discussed multiple ways to improve traffic flow. Below, we will look at three types of home layouts to try on for size.

1. Circular Layout

The circular layout directs a person to walk through each room on the ground floor in a complete circle. There is a good chance you have been in a home like this or live in one yourself. With a limited entrance space, you are immediately free to walk from one room to the next, such as the living room to the kitchen to the dining room and back where you started. 

This floor plan does not lend much room for privacy unless each room is big enough to arrange furniture in a more enclosed way. On the other hand, if you like having a close-knit family space, then this layout is fantastic.

2. Hallway Layout

In this floor plan, the ground floor’s center is a main hallway, from which point you can access various rooms separately. Some rooms might only connect to the hall while others connect to each other. For example, you might have a private study on the ground floor off the main entrance, but the kitchen and dining room connect to each other and the hall.

This design is more formal and lets hosts greet guests formally and give more space between each living zone. You will have more privacy and space to collect yourself between rooms.

3. Contemporary Layout

Today’s latest home floor plans do not strictly adhere to either of the above layouts, although they can. Some contemporary floor plans start with a main front entrance and branch off into various rooms with separate circular traffic flows. You can see a contemporary layout at work in the Georgetown floor plan, as well as the many other customizable home designs that Ameri-Star Homes has to offer.

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