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Creating Traffic Flow in Home Design

October 18, 2023
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Good traffic flow is a basic building block of any floorplan. Use these tips to create your own.

Your new home can take on a wide array of shapes and dimensions. With a new construction home in Maryland from Ameri-Star Homes, you can choose one of many modern floorplans and customize it to your wants and needs. With such a broad scope of creativity available, where do you begin? Below are a few helpful ways of creating traffic flow in home design to get you started with your home layout plan.

Connecting Rooms

Having Multiple Means of Getting to the Same Place

Optimal traffic flow in home design allows people to quickly move from one room to the next and efficiently access what they need. One characteristic of an efficient floorplan is having multiple means of getting to the same spot. For example, you should be able to access your kitchen from multiple points in your home rather than having to take a very long, single route from one end of the house.

How You Move through Your Home

Consider your lifestyle and how you move through your house. You might come home and need a place to hang your coat and your keys. You might need a powder room close by to wash up and invite guests to wash up in. Next, you might invite guests into a sitting area. Traditionally, kitchens reside at the back of the house, but this can be an excellent place to gather with family and friends. An open floorplan lets your family room and kitchen be in one large space.

You might also consider how you will move throughout your home on laundry day to connect the bedrooms and laundry room together well. Washers and dryers can be on the second or ground floor or in the basement. Some laundry rooms connect to multiple bedrooms and walk-in closets. You have options!

Lighting the Way

It might not be your first thought, but lighting attributes to traffic flow in home design. Lighting helps to create zones in your home and light the way in transitional points, like hallways. Ceiling and wall lights help save floor space and provide task, accent, and ambient lighting.

Furniture That Aids Traffic Flow

Your choice of furniture and its placement also influences the traffic flow. Make sure your furniture can fit in your new home and allows people to move from and around each room with ease.

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