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Is It Worth Having a Wood-Burning Fireplace?

October 11, 2023
fireplace with daylight streaking into fireplace
A wood-burning fireplace is a traditional feature; are the benefits worth it for your new home?

No matter what season it is, your new home should be comfortable. In the fall and winter, your home should have sufficient heating and be completely comfortable. Central heating is the standard for Maryland homes today, but you also have other options. Traditional houses have wood-burning fireplaces, but is it worth having a wood-burning fireplace for your home?

Benefits of Having a Wood-Burning Fireplace

Emergency Heat Source

You never know if the power will go out at some point due to a harsh storm. Be prepared for an emergency, even at home, so that you can stay warm in the dead of winter. One way to do this is to have a wood-burning fireplace, which is free from the constraints of gas and electric fireplaces.

Free Heat Source, If You Live in Woods

If you live in a woodsy area, you likely have access to some dead branches and sticks that you could burn in your fireplace. If you do have access to plenty of free wood, you have a way to heat your home, or at least part of it, for free!

Traditional Focal Point

A fireplace provides a traditional focal point in a living room. If your house has a traditional style, you might want to have all of its elements in keeping with that style. Fireplaces used to be in kitchens for cooking and bedrooms for heating, but in recent decades, the living room is the most traditional place to find one.

A Cozy Feature

There is something magical about watching flames dance in a fireplace and hearing the logs crackle. The warmth it provides, both physically and visually, makes any room feel cozy and welcoming. If having a fire is something you want in your home, a wood-burning fireplace could be in your budget.

Where to Put a Fireplace in Your Home

The fireplace is not for the living room only. When customizing your home design, you can get creative about where you put it, and you can have more than one. Elevate your bathroom, bedroom, or outdoor living space with a beautiful fireplace for warmth and a vintage feel. Better yet, incorporate these elements in a new construction home so you won’t have to renovate.

Alternatives to Wood-Burning Fireplaces

If building a new construction home in Maryland appeals to you, Ameri-Star Homes is happy to answer your questions and show you your options. Aside from wood-burning fireplaces, you also have gas and electric options.

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