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Modern Features for Custom Homes

May 12, 2023
Modern Features for Custom Homes
See what could be in store for your custom home design!

Homeowners all want the same things no matter what decade it is: a place to sleep, wash up, and prepare and consume meals. Everyone wants a place to call home, and that home should fit the person or family’s lifestyle and tastes. What changes are technologies, cultures, and styles; what are some of the most popular modern features for custom homes in 2023?

Open Layout

The open layout is still a must-have for many. People do not like the boxed-in, boxed-off feeling that older homes have, where every room is separate. The kitchen is for cooking while entertaining or supervising family, which means an open layout incorporating the kitchen, dining room, and living room is still as popular as ever.

Maximized Storage

Whether your custom home is small or large, it is worth using every square inch as efficiently as possible. Maximizing storage means customizing your built-in cabinets, shelves, and closets in the kitchen, laundry room, living room, bedroom, etc., according to what you need to store and how much you can store in general.

Smart Home Technology

Our list of modern features for custom homes would not be complete without mentioning smart home technology. This quintessentially modern feature could apply to one or more parts of the house, such as the security system, the thermostat, the sound system, etc.

Electric Outlets & USB Outlets

Speaking of technology, we need more outlets than ever for our electronic devices like laptops, iPads, phones, countertop appliances, and much more. A modern feature of our time is the USB outlet; place enough electric and USB outlets in your home design in strategic spots.

Radiant Heated Floors

Heated floors have been around for decades, but they are worth having for a luxurious and functional touch in 2023. They make cold bathrooms inviting and icy driveways walkable. They also keep you warm through physics.

Back to Basics

As mentioned, some modern features for custom homes are consistent throughout the ages. Ameri-Star Homes gives you the best of both worlds with features any custom home should have and any you might want.

Let Ameri-Star Homes Build Your New Custom Home!

Ameri-Star Homes was built on the idea that a home is not complete until the homeowner is 100% satisfied. That’s right, completely satisfied homeowners. Whether you want a home built on one of our home sites or on your own land, count on the same high quality from Ameri-Star. We have set out to exceed all your expectations of integrity, affordability, and customer satisfaction. Build lasting memories for years to come with Ameri-Star Homes. 

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