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Archive for March, 2018

  • When Building Your New Home, Don’t Neglect to Study the Build Specifications.

    Ameri-Star Homes takes great pride in our build specifications. We strive to meet or exceed all state and local building codes. What is included in the price should be in black in white. It is the “what is not included”… Read More

  • What to Expect at the Closing Table.

    Clear to close. The most anticipated words in the mortgage industry. Loan officers and borrowers breathe a deep sigh of relief when hearing those words from underwriting. It means the deal is done, the paperwork is done, no more time… Read More

  • 5 Tips to Save for a Down Payment

    You’ve decided it’s time to buy your new home and you need to start saving for a down payment. The following five tips will help you get on the right track: 1.     Make sure your priorities are straight.  Paying… Read More

  • Finding the home that fits your needs, lifestyle, and budget.

    We’ve all heard of the American Dream, and owning a new home with the picturesque white picket fence is the image that comes to mind when we hear that phrase!  A home represents far more than just security and independence…. Read More

  • Why Millennials Should Build a New Home

    Millennials believe that it’s easier to rent because they are changing jobs more frequently, getting married later and having children later. They are also living at home longer because of their high college debt. If you’re a Millennial, you should… Read More