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Top Luxury Touches for Custom Homes

June 28, 2023
dining room with staircase
What finishing features would you add to your new home?

A new construction home you design yourself with a custom home builder’s help should be exactly right. It should have all the features you want, from the big picture down to the details. Your custom home would also be complete with just the right touch of luxury. If you are keen on getting some ideas, check out these top luxury touches for custom homes below!

Luxury Touches for Custom Homes

Grand Staircase

We shall start with popular luxury features for custom homes, which include the grand staircase. A grand staircase is the focal point of your main entrance and can take on various styles and forms. It can curve or be straight, have carpeting or open risers. It sets the style of your home.

High Ceilings

High ceilings are desirable for the sense of openness and airiness they give. You could have one main living room with a vaulted ceiling. Even non-vaulted ceilings can still be relatively high in new construction homes.

Ensuite Bathrooms

Ensuite bathrooms are a luxury, especially if you have one for secondary bedrooms. Family and guests will not have to go down a hallway to wash up; it’s available right off their bedroom door.

Luxury Bonus Rooms & Features

What kind of rooms fit your lifestyle best? It differs for everyone. Examples of desirable bonus rooms include theater rooms, rec rooms, home gyms, libraries, home offices, and music rooms. Additional features that add luxury would be a sauna, steam room, hot tub, elevator, and dumb waiter. Don’t forget about ample USB ports and as many smart home features as you want.

Luxury Finishing Touches for Custom Homes

Crown Molding

Crown molding comes in all kinds of classic motifs. Crown molding adds an extra detail that accentuates your home’s style. It hides any unevenness where the walls meet the ceiling and looks simply regal.

Stylish Lighting

Lighting is both functional and ornamental. The right built-in lighting can turn any room from a boring, dated place into a stunning spot to behold. Plus, it can be highly energy-efficient with today’s LEDs. 

Natural Building Materials

Natural materials like natural stone countertops and hardwood floors add an earthy but high-end feel to any home. 

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