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The Types of Bathrooms in a House

March 3, 2023
primary bedroom bathroom
Are you in the home design phase? Consider these types of bathrooms for your home!

Building a customizable, new construction home means you can think outside of the box for any given floor plan. You can configure it however you desire, shifting walls, adding or subtracting rooms, changing layouts, and adding built-in features. Your home bathrooms will make up a significant part of the equation. Consider these types of bathrooms in a house that you might want in your own home.

Components of a Bathroom

A full bathroom has four components: a toilet, a sink, a bathtub, and a shower. A three-quarter bath combines the shower and tub or just has one or the other. A half bath has only the toilet and sink, while a quarter bath might only have a toilet or shower.

Types of Bathrooms in a House

Master Bathroom

The master bathroom, also called a primary bathroom, is usually a full or three-quarter bath located within the master bedroom; the bathroom is only accessible through this bedroom. It is the space to pull out all the stops of luxury to be found in a bathroom.

Ensuite Bathroom

Some secondary bedrooms might also have their own bathroom. Another name for a master or primary bathroom would be an ensuite bathroom. Whoever has this bedroom can have a private bathroom, excellent for a child or a guest.

Jack-and-Jill Bathroom

Jack-and-Jill bathrooms have two opposing doors that each lead into a bedroom and are accessible only by these attached bedrooms. They are excellent for siblings in large families, saving space and providing convenient, direct access. They also work well for guests.

Powder Room

The powder room is a half bath, only containing a toilet and sink. You will find your powder room closest to the main entryway, the attached garage entryway, or a midpoint between the two. There, guests and families can freshen up when leaving or entering the house or at any time.

Water Closet

Traditionally called a water closet, it is a room that might only have a toilet. It can be on its own or within a bathroom. It gives you a space to take care of business privately without invading the rest of the bathing area.

Which of these types of bathrooms in a house resonated with you the most? Try your ideas on for size with a luxury floor plan of Ameri Star Homes!

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