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Fun Spring Activities in Anne Arundel County, MD

March 8, 2023
View of boats by the Annapolis Harbor and the city
There is always something to do in Anne Arundel County, including in spring!

Spring has sprung in Maryland, particularly in Anne Arundel County. This large central county is home to the state capital, temperate weather, and bountiful nature. The spring season is truly a joy. What is there to do in Anne Arundel County this time of year? Consider venturing out and doing these fun spring activities in Anne Arundel County this year!

Annapolis Festivities

Annapolis City has multiple festivals every spring, including the Annapolis Film Festival, the First Sunday Arts Festival (which runs through summer,) and the Spring Sailboat Show. Depending on your interests, you can find multiple events to attend that bring you together with people who enjoy the same things.

Gardens & Parks

If you prefer a stroll through a natural landscape or a picnic, consider visiting any of the curated gardens and parks in Anne Arundel County or in the surrounding counties, such as Baltimore. You can find local parks in your town as well as grander ones such as the Historic London Town and Gardens in Edgewater.

Hiking & Biking Trails

Are you looking for a more active outdoor activity? Anne Arundel County is full of hiking and bike trails. Anne Arundel’s main trails are the B&A, the WB&A, the BWI, the Broadneck, and the South Shore trail. You might also find shorter, secret trails within your own neighborhood.

Water Activities

Anne Arundel County has over 533 miles of shoreline along rivers, streams, the Chesapeake Bay, etc. Water activities of all kinds are abundant. You can go to a beach, or take advantage of the opportunities to kayak, paddleboard, or row. You could also take a cruise around the local waterways or even across the Chesapeake Bay. If you like fishing, you are in great company.


As you can see, there are plenty of fun spring activities in Anne Arundel County that one can enjoy well into autumn. If you are looking to move to Anne Arundel County, you are not lacking for recreational activities around your new home. Ameri-Star Homes welcomes you and can help you build a beautiful new home here.

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