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Bathroom Design Ideas: Trends for 2022

April 26, 2022
Bathroom Design Ideas: Trends for 2022

These bathroom design trends for 2022 could inspire you!

2022 could be the year that you decide to build a new, customized home in central Maryland. There are many factors in the design of a new home, such as the driveway layout, the floor plan, and the kitchen design. The bathroom design is another important feature of a home that deserves great attention to detail. If you are looking for some inspiring bathroom design ideas, check out these trends for 2022.

Bolder Colors & Designs

A bathroom can take on whatever color scheme one desires, but in 2022, the popularity of stark white or white and gray bathrooms is on the decline in favor of rich color palettes and patterns. One can go bold with whatever colors they prefer, whether it be neutral, airy, or dramatic.

Natural Materials

Natural materials or traditional materials that mimic natural materials continue to gain popularity in 2022. Wood can give a rustic or natural feel to a bathroom. Slate, marble, and other natural stones have also gained popularity in the kitchen and bathroom alike over the past few years.  In fact, ceramic tile now is available in finishes and sizes that look like wood or other natural materials.

Freestanding Tubs

There is something luxurious about a freestanding tub, and this sentiment continues to dominate bathroom design ideas in 2022. Many state-of-the-art bathrooms feature a freestanding tub, which can take on many different styles.

Corner Sinks and Furniture like Vanities

Whether your bathroom is large or small, corner sinks are becoming one way to enhance efficiency. While corner sinks have already been on the market, they may become a design feature that more want to use to maximize space. Gaining popularity are vanities that are free standing and have legs that have a furniture-like appearance. 

Curved Lines

Curved lines can appear on many different bathroom elements. It can apply to the countertop, backsplash, floor tiles, and even the windows. This stylish element can add a custom feel to your space.

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