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Driveway Layouts to Consider in Building a New Home

November 9, 2021
Driveway Layouts to Consider in Building a New Home

Designing a driveway is one part of the home design process. Learn more about the possibilities here!

Details matter and building your own customized home pertains to more than just the house style, layout, and furnishings. It also encompasses the land on which it is built. Part of the landscaping of your home site involves the driveway, and you might be surprised to find that there are multiple possible configurations from which to choose. The types of driveway layouts one might utilize are listed here; Ameri-Star Homes can give you expert advice on the design of your new home, inside and out! To get started, contact us or visit us at our Design Center in Glen Burnie, Maryland. As in every realm of building, much pre-thought and planning must occur in order to create the best condition. 


Most often, one might design a straight driveway that leads directly from the road to your garage. A straight driveway works best for front-facing garages. It can involve aesthetic considerations such as driveway material, design and landscaping such as a tree-lined effect.  You always want to consider the slope of the driveway which can be impacted by its length and the ideal setback of your new home from the street.

Side Entry Approach

If your new home sets up for a side entry garage there are several considerations.  In order to have enough space there has to be a workable side yard.  You can orient your home with garage left of garage right and that decision is typically driven by grade.  You’ll want to consider if you want to include extra space for additional cars and have the room to radius into and out of the side entry condition easily.  


Depending on the landscape, it might be better for the driveway to take on some curves to work around the contours of the land and features such as boulders or other focal points. A curved driveway can also work for a very long, estate-like driveway.


A circular driveway may be achievable with a home site with a wide footprint in the front. This layout can be quite practical allowing people to enter and exit without needing to make any awkward turns. You’ll always want to consider traffic conditions along the road fronting your home and site distances as you enter and exit onto the public road. This will create the safest condition.

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