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Winter Maintenance Tips for New Homes

November 2, 2021
Winter Maintenance Tips for New Homes

As the weather chills, new homes need to be ready for the winter.

One of the obvious benefits of a new home is lower maintenance and the latest technology in building.  Even so, homeowners of newly-built, customized homes should remember that long-term, seasonal maintenance is necessary to keep it as good as new. As winter comes to Maryland, there are several winter maintenance tips for new homes to keep in mind.

Exterior Water Pipes and Hose Bibs

One of the most crucial elements of winter maintenance for new homes is preventing water damage. Bursting water pipes is one of the most common reasons that a house might flood during the winter. Keep the most vulnerable water pipes from freezing shut off valves to exterior hose bibs and remove any connected hose from the outside bib.

Clean the Gutters

Next, remember to keep the gutters and rain spouts clear of debris like twigs and fall leaves. Clumping leaves in the gutters or drains can cause rainwater to drain around the home’s foundation rather than away from the property, a situation you don’t want for your newly-built home. Also remember to keep areaway drains free and clear of leaf build up so proper drainage can be maintained.

Prepare for Snow

Maryland does not always have too much snow accumulation, but one should always be ready to shovel their way out to the end of the driveway. One of the simplest winter maintenance tips for new homes, all you need to do is to secure a sturdy, non-scraping snow shovel for your garage. Remember that salt products can cause much damage to newly poured concrete.  Please follow direction from the builder on the appropriate products to utilize.

Encourage Good Indoor Air Quality

Maintaining healthy indoor air quality is important year-round, but during the winter, it is all the more essential as families stay indoors and sicknesses tend to flow more freely. One can achieve clean and healthy indoor air quality by changing the furnace’s air filter at least every few months, cleaning the house frequently, and maintaining healthy humidity levels.

Furnish Warmly

Ameri-Star Homes builds sturdy houses with high-quality materials, including energy-efficient windows and doors. Even so, you can further insulate your home by furnishing it with rugs and thermal curtains. Over the years, you will eventually need to check the windows and doors for air leaks, which one can resolve with weatherstripping.

Housekeeping for Vacation

When going on vacation, you will want to leave your home’s heating on so that the water pipes do not freeze and burst. To save on the heating bill, one could lower the temperature to about 65 degrees Fahrenheit or warmer.  

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