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Types of Heating Systems for Homes

October 26, 2021
Types of Heating Systems for Homes

When building a new home, there are several unique heating systems to consider.

When building a brand new home, you don’t want to forget one of its most crucial aspects: heating and cooling systems. Keeping warm in the winter and cool in the summer requires implementing the most efficient systems, and among these, there are plenty of substantial options! In particular, we shall take a look at the different types of heating systems you could use for your new Maryland home

As always, building a new home affords the opportunity to access the latest technology to seek maximum efficiency and comfort. Additionally, new construction methods provide construction methods and materials to promote energy efficiency. As an example, modern window manufacturing techniques and energy efficient house wrap materials compliment the efficiency of modern heating and cooling systems. 

Central Heating

Furnaces are among the most popular types of heating systems for homes in the U.S. Furnaces use oil, gas, or electricity to produce warm or cool air that the appliance pushes through ducts around the house. The furnace turns on and off according to a thermostat.

Instead of a furnace, boilers use water to channel heat throughout a home. In some older homes, you might see a radiator located in each room. That is where the hot water goes through to heat the room and then return to the boiler for reheating.

Heat pumps can be air-source or ground-source. Heat pumps are two-way air conditioners, sourcing heat from outside the house in the winter, and pushing warm air out into the atmosphere during the summer. Ground-source heat pump systems are called geothermal systems.

Direct Heating

Fireplaces are a classic, traditional element in any home and can be useful for heating at least one room of the house. If the fireplace sources oxygen from the house, it will lose more heat than it gives, but if it is sealed from the indoors and has an outside air source plus a chimney damper, it can provide heat.

Space heaters can be powered by gas or electricity. Gas space heaters are generally more energy-saving, but each type typically provides only enough heat for one room.

Wood burning or pellet stoves are popular in colder regions of the United States, but are useful for Maryland homes as well. In case of a power outage, one can still heat multiple rooms of the house and even cook or boil water on it. Fireplaces can be natural gas or propane gas dependent upon availability of those utilities at the location of the lot.

Specialty Heating

Customizable, newly-built homes provide for the opportunity to utilize the most modernized technology for heat and cooling sources. Radiant floor heating allows you to stay warm underfoot on a cold winter’s day. Fluid-filled cords zig-zag under your tile, wood, or engineered flooring to directly transfer heat to you. 

Lastly, mini-split HVAC systems are beneficial for heating and cooling one room without the use of ductwork. This efficient system is clean and energy-saving, and doable for the whole house.

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