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Different Types of Water Properties in MD

October 19, 2021
Different Types of Water Properties in MD

Waterfront, water access, and water view properties are all different. Which would you prefer?

Finding a new home location involves looking for the right neighborhood, amenities, proximity to work and community, and more. Geography is another consideration, as the nature surrounding a home can completely change what kinds of activities you enjoy. If you prefer a property near the water, Ameri-Star Homes has options for you. First, it is helpful to clarify what the different types of water properties are.

Waterfront Properties

One type of water property is the waterfront property. Waterfrontage means that the property sits along a body of water, but that does not mean it has direct water access or a water view. Direct access to the shoreline’s property is called riparian rights. Some Maryland properties also have buffer zones dedicated to wildlife. All in all, waterfront property is namely a property at the water’s edge.

Water View Properties

Water view properties naturally have a view to a body of water, but the location is more flexible. A water view property might view the water from up the street or between some trees and houses. Having a water view could be an important criterion for your home location, as it is a beautiful feature that adds to one’s quality of life. 

Water Access Properties

A water access property gives you location and property rights to access the water. It could mean that you have neither the shoreline nor the water view from your home, but you do have legal access to a beach or pier through a community or public easement. This can also be classified as a water-oriented property. Of course, this would also count for properties with riparian rights. 

Water Privileged Properties

Water privileged properties refer to residences that come with community water-related amenities. Unlike water access, water privilege specifies a property that has a wide range of water opportunities through a community easement, such as a beach, pier, boat launch, clubhouse, and more. 

Water Properties in Maryland

Anne Arundel County has over five-hundred miles of coastline. The county boasts of 2 state parks, 4 regional parks, and over 100 community and neighborhood parks and many enjoyable water amenities. Typically, there are many water-oriented properties to peruse to build a new home. Ameri-Star Homes is continuously seeking new opportunities to build on beautiful homesites and can help you find the best location for your new home.

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