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New Construction Home Trends 2021

May 10, 2021
New Construction Home Trends 2021
Building a new home in 2021? Consider implementing these beneficial trends.

Buying a new home in 2020-2021 has enlightened many to the fact that new construction homes are a viable and advantageous option. Today’s greatest benefit is not having to compete in an existing home market with low inventories and high demand. Designing a custom home is multi-faceted, however; if you need inspiration, check out the new construction home trends listed below.

Outdoor Living Spaces

New construction building trends involve well beyond the sticks and bricks… the home itself.  In recent years outdoor living and space has become vitally important for health and wellness and expanded enjoyment of your home. Outdoor living spaces such as decks and patios are a sanctuary for family and friends to enjoy fresh air, sunlight, and nature. 

Energy Efficiency

The push for energy efficiency in construction is ever-strong, and today, new home builders have the technology to build well-insulated and ventilated homes that use the least amount of energy possible, saving you hundreds of dollars each year.  A new home is easily a more cost-effective investment than an existing, older one.

Home Offices

Especially with the effect of work from home and the pandemic, the home office and environment is more critical than ever. With the likelihood of remote work becoming more the norm, a home office is likely worth implementing into a new customized home.  The opportunity presents itself to completely design and build the space that allows for a productive work-from-home environment.

Traditional & Modern Style

Everyone has their own style, but some architectural styles come and go. One house style that is trending currently is a mix between traditional and modern. It is a mix between the vintage or rustic with the contemporary and sleek. This style is likely to manifest in architectural details such as window frames, doorways, and interior finishes.  One can consider a mix of materials with new craftsman designs that incorporate vertical and horizontal siding materials, the newest design in exterior columns, window mullions and more.

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