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Must-Haves for a Custom Home Office

January 5, 2021
Must-Haves for a Custom Home Office
Home offices are a must-have for today’s new homes. Here’s how to make the most of it.

Real estate continues to thrive as the year transitions from 2020 to 2021. As families look for the perfect new home, plenty are finding that customizable new homes have distinct advantages.  These include a shorter renovation to-do list, more efficient construction, and personalized amenities. One of the most common must-have home amenities today is the home office. As you search for your new custom home, consider these criteria for your custom home office.

Privacy and the Home Office

In recent times there has been a transition to more and more work from home scenarios.  Private companies often have data that must be kept confidential, as well as the content from regular virtual meetings. Privacy is a must for home offices, and working from the dining table, living room, or kitchen counter won’t be ideal. You’ll benefit from a space that is separate from the rest of the home, where you can maintain peace and quiet and keep work life apart from home life.

Placement in the Home

You may need your custom home office to be in a particular part of the home, depending on the type of job you have. For example, if you have to entertain clients or partners at your home, you may need an office to be as close to the front door as possible or have a private secure entrance. Otherwise, a spare room on the second story or in the lower level could work as well.  Regardless of what your needs might be, Ameri-Star can design or manipulate the space to accommodate your work from home office needs.

Technology and Lighting

The benefit of building new is the utilization of modern technology in the construction of your new home.  Build with electronics and networking that permits you to create the most up to date technological home office. Light brightens the work atmosphere. Be sure to plan for adequate lighting in your new home office, whether it be through recessed lighting or having enough electric outlets for several lamps. You could even have a skylight if the room in question lacks windows.


A newly designed home office will create a layout and design that meets your space needs. Take stock of all your necessary supplies, such as books, computers, a printer, stationery, documents, etc., and plan your storage accordingly. Create a home office design that incorporates built-in bookcases and cabinetry and much more.

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