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What Makes a Low Maintenance Home?

November 24, 2020
What Makes a Low Maintenance Home?
What components make a home low-maintenance? Find out here.

A low maintenance home is the dream of any homeowner who has experienced years of maintaining an existing older home or executing a renovation project. There is always something to do to keep a home in shape, especially if it is an older home. Today’s home constructions are more efficient than those of a few decades ago, and with the right materials, you can enjoy a low maintenance home for yourself. What goes into a low maintenance home? Find out below.


The roof is the first place to start in consideration of your low maintenance build. There are more options for roofing materials than the standard asphalt shingle, all of which last far longer than 20 years. For instance, architectural asphalt and cedar shingles can last around 30 years, while slate, copper, galvanized steel or aluminum, and clay tiles all can last well over 100 years. 


Next, consider your siding material options. If you go with vinyl siding, which are popular choices, you can expect to see it last for around 50 years in good condition. There are many new designs of vinyl products including popular bold colors.  The benefit of building new is your ability to choose the most popular options. If you install stone, brick, or stucco siding, you can expect your house’s walls to last for a lifetime.


Clean gutters keep rainwater and snow from seeping into your home and help it drain away from the house. The longer they last, the better for your home. Standard aluminum, vinyl, galvanized steel, and galvalume gutters will last more or less than 25 years, but copper and stainless steel will be your longest-lasting choices.


House exterior trim, which includes door and window casing, corner boards, fascia, and soffits, generally will last for up to 75 years or more.  Much of your new home is completely maintenance free and requires little or no upkeep or painting.

Doors & Windows

Doors and windows are designed utilizing the latest technology. For instance the dual panes many times contain gases that reflect and transmit heat and cool outside temps depending on the time of year and position of the sun in the sky.  Some of the best materials for both doors and windows include steel, fiberglass, and vinyl-clad.


Lastly, a fence will likely come as part of the package of your home build. Regardless, a properly-installed fence instantly improves the property value and the security of your low maintenance home. If you are looking for the best low maintenance solution, vinyl or composite materials are available.

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