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Extending Living Area with Finished Basements

December 1, 2020
Extending Living Area with Finished Basements
A basement can add many advantages to your new home. Here are the main perks.

Every homeowner has different preferences for what features their dream home should have. Aside from the number of bedrooms and bathrooms and the size of the kitchen, extending  finished living space with your basement is an option that homebuyers pursue. When making your choice as you build your new abode with Ameri-Star Homes, consider these pros of extending your living space with finished areas in your basement.


  • Entertainment space: A basement offers one thing that most people are happy to have: more space. This extra room can be useful as a rec room where kids can play, young adults can play games with friends, and adults can host parties. 
  • Multi-generational housing:  Families and extended families are looking at the economical benefits of living together under one roof.  When building you have the option to design living space to allow multiple families to cohabitate under one roof.  Lot configurations permit abundant light in lower levels and private access opportunities.  
  • Consider the array of basement space uses… additional bedrooms, full baths, exercise rooms, media rooms and so much more.
  • Rent-out room: One idea that few homebuyers consider is the basement’s potential to become a small apartment for rent. Grown children and family friends may rent out the space as they work on their independence.
  • Year-round comfort: Did you know that basements use geothermal energy? In other words, have you ever noticed that basements tend to feel cool in the summer and warm in the winter with little to no effort? That is because its walls and flooring take from the earth’s steady temperature and feel cool or warm in relation to the weather.
  • Utility housing: The basement is a great place to house the electrical panel and your HVAC units. Repairmen can easily access them, and they won’t impede on your living areas.
  • Emergency shelter: Standing under a door frame may be one way to weather a storm, but camping out in the basement is even better.

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