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Building a New Home in Annapolis, MD and Nearby

January 12, 2021
Building a New Home in Annapolis, MD and Nearby
Ameri-Star Homes can build you a new home in Annapolis and surrounding areas.

Living in a new home to call your own is a dream for many, and one of the best ways to do this is to find yourself a home builder and build on your own land, or land that the builder can help you seek. Further, your home can be basic or standardized, or customized just the way you want. Some home building companies offer more flexible customization than others. Ameri-Star Homes is happy to help you build a new home in Annapolis and the areas surrounding. 

Why Build a New Home?

While you can always buy a pre-existing home, a new home has several advantages. First, you’ll benefit from future renovation projects that may need to start on move-in day. A new home should not give its owners any headache. You can also expect new construction to be low-maintenance, built to last with sound materials and methods with the most modern technology. As a result, you can save energy on heating and cooling… MORE.

Why Live in Annapolis?

Annapolis, Maryland, is the state capital and home to a thriving community. It boasts a maritime, small town feel with restaurants, shops, pubs, schools, homes, and more. Located on a peninsula of the Chesapeake Bay, it has a rich boating community. As the state capital, it is home to many highly significant historical buildings and sites. It is an excellent place to raise a family.  Convenience is another factor.  From the Annapolis area you have easy access to Washington, Baltimore, the Eastern Shore, the airport, and more.

Finding a Home Builder

Once you’ve decided that building a new home in Annapolis is best for you, it’s time to find a home builder. It would be best to find a company that offers a full service for finding land, design, construction, and warranty. Ameri-Star Homes has a dedicated full time staff to assist you to find the best plot of land for them and construct a quality, customized home for you.

Customizing the Design

When building a new, customizable home, one can make it as custom or as standard as one wishes. You can choose from one to Ameri-Star’s range of Architectural Designs.  Then with your specific preferences in mind, you’ll be allowed to add, subtract, or shift rooms and other design elements. No matter what, you’ll be able to make it look exactly how you want.

Hillsmere Estates

Hillsmere Estates, located beside Quiet Waters Park in Annapolis, is one property that Ameri-Star Homes currently offers. If you are interested in this site or in other possible locations, contact them today!

Let Ameri-Star Homes Build Your New Custom Home!

Ameri-Star Homes was built on the idea that a home is not complete until the homeowner is 100% satisfied. That’s right, completely satisfied homeowners. Whether you want a home built on one of our home sites or on your own land, count on the same high quality from Ameri-Star. We have set out to exceed all your expectations of integrity, affordability, and customer satisfaction. Build lasting memories for years to come with Ameri-Star Homes. 

For more information, contact us today at 410-590-1000 or through our contact page. For more helpful custom home tips, keep in touch with us through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest!