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Tips for Designing the Master Bathroom

February 2, 2021
Tips for Designing the Master Bathroom
Designing the master bathroom is an essential part of home customization. Here are a few helpful tips.

If you decide to build a customizable home in Maryland with Ameri-Star Homes, you will have ample choices regarding floor plans, alternative floor plan options, materials, and more. It’s your opportunity to create your dream home in a prime location. While the big picture is important, determining the details can also make an impact. For example, you can have multiple design options for the master bathroom: double sinks, larger footprint, attachment to a walk-in closet, placement opposite the family bathroom, etc. With numerous technical choices to make, it can help to keep several principles for designing the master bathroom in mind.


As an enclosed space, a bathroom can be completely different stylistically from the rest of the house. However, it will make more sense for it to take the context into account. How will this room flow with the rest of the house or with the master bedroom design? How will that room’s design fit in with the whole? When each room fits the whole context, the house will feel more unified and even spacious.


Every master bathroom should have adequate if not ample natural light. The bathroom has the most potential for mold growth, besides the kitchen, and therefore benefits from the zealous germ-killing power of sunlight. If there is no window, your next-best option is a skylight. From a design perspective, your master bathroom can feel lighter and airier whether you have dark or light walls.


Next, check the durability of the materials you choose for the flooring, walls, counters, etc. How well will they withstand wear and tear and moisture generated in a bath environment? How easy are they to clean? Like any room, the bathroom should last many decades as it is; therefore, choosing durable materials that won’t suffer water damage or need sealing is key.


The best designs provide more than enough storage. Plan for storage where you will need it most and where your utility items can stay more or less hidden from view. Choose deep drawers instead of cupboards, shallow shelves, and dual-use amenities if possible.


Bigger isn’t always better. The best designs make the most of every space, so nothing is wasted or superfluous. However, your desired square footage for the master bath will depend on your priorities and wishes. 

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