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How to Choose a Lot for a New Home

October 12, 2021
How to Choose a Lot for a New Home

Ameri-Star Homes is dedicated to helping you find the best spot for your home.

Finding a new home often means looking at dozens of options before settling on the right one. In today’s housing market, one can bypass the high competition and potential renovation costs and choose a beautiful new and customizable home. Ameri-Star Homes has and is always looking for new opportunities to build new homes in Maryland. If this is the road you’re taking, your next question is likely how to choose a lot for a new home.  


The first step is to evaluate the broader location of the lot itself. How is it situated in terms of work, school, and amenities that you are seeking? What is the community like or is it your preference to not be in a community or subdivision setting? What are the area’s development and growth plans? Are you seeing waterfront or water-oriented settings? Ameri-Star Homes builds new homes at prime locations and can help you determine what the best spot is for you.

Budgets and Costs to Develop

You’ll want to begin by evaluating a total budget which includes the cost of the lot, the cost to develop the lot and make it buildable, and of course the house price as well.  Ameri-Star will assist in each of these processes.  It takes an experienced eye to consider all components of preparing a home site and the associated costs.  In that process, you’ll want to make sure that there are no significant issues that will not permit you to meet your goals.  All of this is done with your budget in mind.

Traffic, Noise, & Privacy

The amount of people, vehicles, and noise surrounding your home can have an impact on your home comfort and enjoyment. Some prefer to live in a secluded setting, while others love to see activity around them. It is best to visit the area yourself at different times of day to gauge how much privacy, traffic, and noise you might expect. You can also talk with us to see what we are doing about any noise or privacy concerns. 

Sun and Exposure

Ameri-Star Homes evaluates exposure to show you how the sun moves across your home from sun up to sundown. The north side of a house gets the least sunlight, while the south gets the most. If you prefer to have a house full of sunshine throughout the day, make the southside have the most windows.  All of this impacts the proper orientation of your home on the lot.


Another reason it is good to visit the site yourself is to see its topography. It will show you where exactly the land slopes or remains flat. Of course, the land will be graded so that water will drain away from the house. Seeing the shape and contours of the land gives you a good idea of what to expect for outdoor space and living, outdoor activities, and maintenance needs.

Let Ameri-Star Homes Build Your New Custom Home!

Ameri-Star Homes was built on the idea that a home is not complete until the homeowner is 100% satisfied. That’s right, completely satisfied homeowners. Whether you want a home built on one of our home sites or on your own land, count on the same high quality from Ameri-Star. We have set out to exceed all your expectations of integrity, affordability, and customer satisfaction. Build lasting memories for years to come with Ameri-Star Homes. 

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