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Hardwood Flooring for Maryland Homes: Pros & Cons

October 6, 2021
Hardwood Flooring for Maryland Homes: Pros & Cons

Hardwood is just one of the great flooring options that Ameri-Star Homes offers.

Flooring is one of the most important material selections and investments in your personalized, new construction home. If you are planning to build a new home, you will want to do your research prior to making significant decisions such as this. Ameri-Star Homes offers multiple flooring options, one of which is hardwood flooring and some newer substitutions for hardwood. Below is more information on the pros and cons of hardwood flooring for Maryland homes.



If you choose hardwood flooring, your home will have a timeless appeal no matter what color or species of wood you use, and there are many. Real wood floors are a luxury that engineered woods only aspire to be. It is an option that you won’t get tired of ten or twenty years later.


Just as they are timeless, they also last a long time. Hardwood flooring can last for decades with proper care. Proper humidity levels, temperature, cleaning, and polishing can make any wood floor survive for generations.


Wood floors are also easy to clean and generally provide a more hygienic environment than carpeting does. Wood surfaces make it easy to identify dirt and dust for easy removal. Many people susceptible to allergies prefer wood flooring throughout for its hygienic and easy-to-clean qualities.

Alternative to Hardwood Floors

In recent years, alternatives to hardwood floors have been introduced.  Some options include engineered veneer hardwoods which can have a wider range of finishes and colors.  Another alternative is luxury vinyl tile sometimes referred to as LVT which is made with a finish that can resemble wood, ceramic, or stone.  This tile is many times deemed more durable and less susceptible to scratches or dents or pet wear and tear. 

Great Value

Hardwood flooring in Maryland homes will improve in value as time goes by. Even when it is new, it is the most appealing and valuable in the real estate market. You can be certain you are building a quality home when you choose this option.



Hardwood floors do require a higher level of maintenance than synthetic flooring materials. Aside from regular cleaning, it will need polishing once every few years and possible sanding to fix dents and scratches. Natural wood is also more susceptible to moisture problems and termites.

Creaking with Age

Some may see this as either a pro or a con. In the first two or three decades of living in your home, you might not experience any creaking floors. The older it gets, though, the more the floorboards might creak with age.  Ameri-star Homes and our flooring specialists will provide guidance on proper material selection and preparation of the subfloor and underlayment.

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