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What’s the Best Time to Build a House?

September 28, 2021
What’s the Best Time to Build a House?

Timing is an important part of building a new home. Ameri-Star Homes can help!

The best time to build a house depends on different factors; no exact case is the same. Even so, with the stiff competition one faces in the housing market in 2021, you will be better off looking for housing options that can be both more affordable and more accessible. Ameri-Star Homes is proud to provide customizable new construction homes in beautiful Maryland. If you are wondering when the best time to build a house might be, consider these factors.


One can begin to build a customized house at any time of year, but different seasons have their pros and cons for building. Some say that spring is the best time to start building, since one has plenty of time to lay the foundation before summer heat strikes. From spring through summer, the construction crew also has longer daylight hours, which helps get the job done faster.

On the other hand, it is certainly possible to build in the fall and winter and throughout the entire year. Fall brings cool and pleasant weather, and winter is more durable than one might think, especially in Maryland, where winters tend to be mild. A seasoned capable home builder uses technology and building methods that permit year-round building.  Of course, you always are looking to weather trends in upcoming days and weeks to schedule properly around weather events. 

Proper Planning and Scheduling

When you embark on a task like building a new home there is a distinct planning process. It involves the selection of the proper home site, the design and choice of right home design, the entitlement of the building, development, and permitting, and then obviously the task of building itself. The timing aspect comes into play, including the transition from your existing home, relocation, etc. With proper guidance and planning the right expectation needs to get set right out of the gates. As a well-established experienced and efficient builder, Ameri-star Homes will provide the necessary guidance and planning and set reasonable expectations to create the best building experience.


Establishing finances is a critical initial step before beginning a home construction project. One will need to budget for the cost of land and improvements to the land, house design, building materials, construction, etc. All of this is accomplished to meet a budget goal and comfort zone in terms of cash investment and payment. There are creative financing methods that can be used in the building process that differ from the financing of an existing home. One, for instance, can assist so that there is no need for interim housing while you build. You can time the sale of your existing home with the completion of your new home. Ameri-Star Homes will help guide you through the budgeting of your home and the selection of the most beneficial financing option.

Let Ameri-Star Homes Build Your New Custom Home!

Ameri-Star Homes was built on the idea that a home is not complete until the homeowner is 100% satisfied. That’s right, completely satisfied homeowners. Whether you want a home built on one of our home sites or on your own land, count on the same high quality from Ameri-Star. We have set out to exceed all your expectations of integrity, affordability, and customer satisfaction. Build lasting memories for years to come with Ameri-Star Homes. 

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