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Elements of Green Building for New Homes

February 23, 2021
Elements of Green Building for New Homes
“Green,” sustainable building is paramount today, but what does it entail?

Building a new home comes with plenty of benefits, such as a prime location, low maintenance needs, and a style tailored to your preferences. On a deeper level, though, building a new house involves one goal, which is to create the most efficient and functional structure possible. From how the home is made to how it fulfills one’s need for a home, the elements of green building cover all the bases.

Site Planning

The first step to building a new house is to plan based on the context. Will the house face south? Which is the best positioning of the home? What is the design and layout of the neighborhood? What amenities are nearby? How close is it to major cities and highways? How easy is it to reach this location, and once you do, how easily reachable are the local amenities? These questions while creating a safe and efficient living environment is the first step to green and sustainable building.

Construction Methods & Materials

Constructing a home involves designing it to facilitate proper heating, cooling, ventilation, and proper drainage. Before getting into the details, one must look at the big picture, form a cohesive design, and use the best materials. This includes creating proper ventilation for hot air to escape the home, sealants to keep cool air in, and using home wrap, attic insulation, and insulating doors and windows. 


Today’s homes retain the best temperatures not only because of their build, but also because of the quality of the systems within it. Ameri-Star Homes uses properly-sized Energy Star appliances in their customizable home builds so homeowners can have the greatest home comfort while using the least amount of energy possible.

Water Runoff and Drainage

Drainage is another essential building block of green building practices. Water must drain away from the house and off of the property without dragging contaminating silt, herbicides, etc. along with it. Landscaping plants and sodding ensures that one’s property will not wash away. With Ameri-Star Homes, you can receive a well designed community layout, plus an individual house site.  Each home includes a full landscaping package and well stabilized lawn.


Lastly, one might not consider home design to be part of green building, but this component, along with the structural elements that make it energy-efficient, is what makes the house a home. A customizable home plan allows one to dwell in a space where you can thrive, which, in every sense, is the purpose of green building.

Let Ameri-Star Homes Build Your New Custom Home!

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