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How Many Bedrooms and Baths Do I Need? – Multi-Generational Housing

March 2, 2021
How Many Bedrooms and Baths Do I Need? – Multi-Generational Housing
Multi-generational living is on the rise. How can you know your new home has enough bedrooms and baths? Find out here.

One of the biggest questions that all families need to ask when looking for a new home is, “How many bedrooms and bathrooms do we need?” With this question, there comes some level of flexibility and the expanding need for multiple generations living under the same roof. Ultimately, the decision will be based on numerous factors unique to your situation. Even so, there are several factors to consider to help meet your household needs.

Size of Household

The size of your household presently will help answer this question in the short-term. If you are a family of four, you’ll likely need at least three bedrooms, as each child may need their own room. If you have more than two children, there’s always the possibility of having shared bedrooms. Depending on the square footage of each room, sharing is absolutely doable. Whether you decide on having shared rooms or not is entirely your choice.

Room to Grow

Do you think your household might grow in the future? Plan ahead and design a new home that has more bedrooms and baths. While those rooms may temporarily remain unoccupied, they can always serve different purposes like a playroom, craft room, or guest bedroom.

Guest Bedroom

Speaking of which, how do you plan on hosting guests? Do you expect to host people often? One can get creative when finding ways to house guests, such as with a pull-out couch, murphy bed, or trundle bed. Even so, it is always nice to have an extra room dedicated to guests. It can double as a home office while unoccupied.

In-Law Suite

Multi-generational living is becoming more commonplace, and for the better. Should you intend to invite your aging in-law or parent to reside with you, you’ll need a house plan with a wing for independent living.

Design and Layout

The interior design and layout will matter concerning how many bedrooms and baths you’ll have and your preferred lifestyle. For example, you could either have an owner’s bedroom on the second floor with the secondary bedrooms or a first-floor bedroom suite on the opposite end of the house. Secondary bedrooms could have a jack-and-jill bathroom, or connect via a hallway. 

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