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Matching the House Design with the Land

November 16, 2021
Matching the House Design with the Land

Positioning your home design with the land it’s on involves various factors.

Choosing a house to properly sit on your homesite involves considering the aspects of the land itself. You will likely want to purchase the land first; securing the land will secure the location and land type you desire. Below are five considerations you might make when working with Ameri-Star Homes to determine the best house plan for you, complete with flexible customization. Matching the house design with the land is an engaging part of the home building process!

Outdoor Living Plans

Outdoor living spaces like decks and patios can extend the usable living space on your property, and therefore, you and your home designer will need to adjust accordingly. You might desire to coordinate outdoor living around a deck or have a preference for a patio. The vertical setting of the home and contours of the lot need to be taken into consideration. Many times there is flexibility.

Land Size

The footprint of your home design and it’s sitting on the lot must meet local zoning guidelines and setbacks. Other considerations are potential forest conservation, utility locations, etc. If you are set on having certain square footage which translates to footprint size, you will need to keep that in mind when looking for land. The shape of the land and it’s contours will also influence the configuration and orientation of your home. 


The house must sit both proportionately on the land and according to the orientation you prefer. The south side usually gets the most sunlight year-round, so you may plan to have that side of your house have the most windows. You’ll also want to consider the approach to provide your best presentation. Privacy in relation to other homes adjacent are also a consideration including methods of screening with grade adjustment and plantings.


Is the land you purchase involving sloped and grade change? Your approach to get to your garage must be taken into account as the garage is typically on the high side.  You may wish to have a walkout condition in the basement to permit the maximum amount of light in your basement.  With proper planning, these consideration can be adjusted somewhat to afford the best orientation of the home to achieve what you are trying to accomplish.


Your scenery might also change the design of your house. Matching the house design with the land might involve making the most of the views; for example, if you live on the waterfront, you might put main living rooms and the kitchen on the second story to enjoy the scenery more often. Local restrictions or impositions on the lot when it was subdivided need to be taken into account. The proper direction and forethought provided by Ameri-Star Homes will assist in obtaining the best house site and orientation to the natural surroundings. 

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