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Ameri-Star’s Commitment to Excellence

October 2, 2017

Ameri-Star Homes’ owner and President, Dan Dinko Jr., runs his company with the strictest attention to detail, ensuring your home is built the way you envisioned. With so many stages in new construction, it’s still possible for errors to be made. With our team’s careful oversight, we’ve built a reputation for quality and excellence.

Once all selections, options, and design changes are decided upon, your Ameri-Star Homes team will schedule a meeting to ensure you fully understand the process. We review each item that is going into the home, verifying colors, textures, fixtures, treatments and other selections.

It is important for your builder to have a strong network of contractors. A good working relationship with their team provides a huge benefit to the buyer. Ameri-Star Homes uses the same contractors on all their residential new construction sites. This guarantees consistency in the quality of workmanship and also helps guarantee a quick response in the event of an error. For example, a window gets broken onsite and a three-day storm is looming. Ameri-Star Homes can call Stock Lumber and the trim carpenter to get a new window delivered and installed that same day.

Our green building practices are beneficial, not only to the environment but also to our homebuyers. From making your home more energy efficient to use products that save trees and recharge the earth, Ameri-Star Homes is committed to making your home completely comfortable. As a Builder of Integrity, our job is not complete until you are 100% satisfied.