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Avoid These Common Building Mistakes

November 14, 2023
Avoid common home building mistakes to get your dream home!

So, you have decided to build your new home in Maryland. Congratulations! It is one of the best ways to acquire the home of your dreams. This project is no small feat, even if it does not have the biggest square footage. Designing and building a house takes very careful planning; avoid these common building mistakes, which we have divided into categories.

Land and House Planning

The House vs. the Land

You might have ideas for your new home design, but you’ll need to consider them when you look for a home site. Perhaps you have found the perfect home site and you’ll then need to find a home design that fits. The shape of the land, the direction of the views, and its position on the street will greatly influence your home’s final blueprint and your blueprint will greatly influence the land you ultimately select. Either way the home and home site go hand-in-hand.

Choosing a Bad Location

Don’t choose land without investigating it carefully. Visit in person and study everything about it, such as elevation, flood zoning, and proximity to road and air traffic. Also, think about how easy it is to access work, school, amenities, etc., from this point.

Home Design

Overlooking the Building’s Orientation

The sun’s arc over your given property will determine your home’s design as well. It will influence where you place windows so that you gain as much sunlight throughout the day. Believe it or not, the sun’s orientation to your home can also determine your energy bills.

Not Knowing Needs vs. Wants

Know what your must-haves are, and have a separate list of your preferences that you could compromise on if necessary. The home building process will go a lot faster if you already know what you definitely want.

Not Future-Proofing Your Home Design

Think about what you’d like your household to be in a decade or two. Do you hope to grow your family? Are you thinking of extending your business space at home? Perhaps you are looking to age in place. Whatever your concerns or visions, make sure your new home can accommodate them.

Home Building

Choosing a Builder Too Quickly

It is easy to rush. Don’t. It is better to take longer making the right decision on a builder or new home construction team rather than just choose the first one you see on the Internet. You have time to make the most informed choice.

Thinking You Can Do Everything

Don’t think that you can take on everything yourself, either. It is worth hiring a professional team that can give you the best advice on residential land, home design, home building, and financing.

Missing Paperwork

If you work alone, you might overlook building permits and other paperwork by accident. Don’t get into unnecessary hassles and work with a professional new home builder.

Not Expecting Anything to Go Wrong

While you shouldn’t expect something to go wrong, you should not be surprised if hiccups happen at some point in your new home construction journey. Delays happen. No matter the challenge, your team will help you reach the finish line in stride.

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