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How Fall Affects New Construction Homes

August 16, 2022
How Fall Affects New Construction Homes
Prepare your new home for fall with these easy steps.

Changing seasons bring about many changes, even to objects that last for generations. Houses undergo slight adjustments according to the seasons, new homes included. If you are planning to move into a new house this autumn, it can be helpful to know how fall affects new construction homes. Ameri-Star Homes builds customizable new construction homes in Anne Arundel County, Maryland, and is happy to answer any of your questions.

How Fall Affects New Construction Homes

Fall affects new construction homes through lowering temperature and humidity levels. As the weather gets colder and the humidity lowers, various building materials such as wood, vinyl, and concrete contract. The materials release the moisture built up within them during spring and summer. When warm weather returns, the house’s structure expands again. 

Some may be concerned that this continuous cycle of expanding and contracting could damage your home over time. With new construction homes, you have less to worry about. Even with older homes, however, you can avoid the cracks that can occur by maintaining decent temperature and humidity levels indoors.

Fall Maintenance Tips for New Homes

Temperature Control

How can you best manage the temperature control of your home? Keeping it as even as possible throughout the year is a great approach. When your home’s interior maintains the same temperature year-round, the home’s structural materials, flooring, etc., will only experience the effects of outside weather as opposed to indoor changes.

Humidity Control

You can be even safer with an indoor humidity monitor in addition to the thermostat. An indoor relative humidity monitor is called a hydrometer. If necessary, you can manage your indoor humidity with a dehumidifier or humidifier. This issue could be more pressing if you live near the water, although home insulation helps to manage this problem too.

Controlling Rising Heat

Additionally, you can reverse your ceiling fans’ direction. As hot air rises, your ceiling fans can push it downward to maintain comfortable temperatures in your living spaces and a lower energy bill. It also helps to close your second-story vents to prevent too much heat from rising upstairs.

General Fall Tasks

As fall becomes more apparent, general care that usually applies to this season will help keep your new construction home in great condition. These tasks include raking leaves, removing leaves from gutters, and insulating exposed water pipes. Your new construction home will last for many years intact.

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