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Keep Your House Cool in Summer by Design

June 27, 2022
Keep Your House Cool in Summer by Design
Keeping your home energy-efficient and comfortable in summer is doable by design. Learn more here!

At the height of summer, the weather can be blisteringly hot and humid. The challenge is how to keep your house cool in summer without racking up the air conditioning bill. There are multiple ways to do this, especially if you start by building a new construction home. You can keep your house cool in summer by design in the following ways.


One way to protect your house from soaring temperatures is to put it in the shade or even partially underground. Planting shade trees around your home in key areas will provide shade in the hottest parts of the day at the hottest time of year. If you build your house into a slope or have a basement, you will keep at least part of your house cool in summer by design.


In modern new construction, windows are designed to reflect the sun and associated heat in or out depending on the angle of the sun and time of year. This improves energy efficiency in your home year-round. The position of the windows in your house is a critical element. The architect will position them based on what offers the home privacy, sunlight, and ventilation. When possible, it is best to have windows across or adjacent to each other to create a cross breeze.

Exterior Walls and Insulation

Local jurisdictions adopt versions of national building codes. Those codes require higher levels of energy efficiency and utilize the most modern technology to accomplish that goal. In Maryland, temperatures tend to be moderate, but high-quality, well-packed insulation will significantly improve how comfortable your home is in both summer and winter. Ameri-Star Homes’ customized home builds all feature high-quality insulating materials that improve energy efficiency.


High ceilings can help you keep your house cool in summer by design as well. Hot air rises, and high ceilings paired with strategically placed windows can allow that warm, moist air to depart your home without the aid of the air conditioner.

Modern HVAC

Modern equipment for heating and air conditioning systems provides for efficient use of energy in a new home.  HVAC contractors extensively calculate the needs and requirements for proper heating and cooling of the home to provide maximum efficiency.  Again, there are many benefits to new construction and the Ameri-Star production team continuously seeks the latest and greatest technology to promote energy efficiency.  

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