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Energy-Efficient Benefits of New Construction

June 29, 2021
Energy-Efficient Benefits of New Construction

If you are looking for energy-efficient construction, new homes are where it’s at!

Keeping your house warm in winter and cool in summer is a fundamental goal for all homeowners. While household habits make a difference in your home’s temperature and comfort, this control ultimately begins with the design. In a newly constructed home, the latest and best technology and construction methods lead to measurable improvements in energy efficiency. Below are several design components to keep your house cool.

Construction Materials and Modern Construction Methods

When customizing your home with Ameri-Star Homes, you can keep your house cool by using modernized construction materials and construction methods. For instance, exterior house wrap and air-stop construction limit the amount of cold air infiltration in your home. Current building standards set insulation requirements meant to promote energy efficiency. 

Efficient Appliances

Energy-efficient appliances impact in a positive manner how hot and cool your house is during all seasons. Ameri-Star Homes will ensure that your house has an HVAC unit of the right size and energy efficiency level. A unit must be fit for the size of the house for maximum efficiency. 

Windows and Doors

New windows and doors in a new home are sure to give you the insulation you need against both the cold and the heat. Today’s windows and doors have insulating glass, multiple panes, and materials between the panes designed to reflect heat and cold based on the angle of the sun which changes throughout the year. This is meant to minimize the strain on the HVAC system. 

The location of the windows and doors also matters. You will need to position the windows and doors in a way that creates cross-ventilation; when opening these windows on a cooler day, you can enjoy a refreshing cross-breeze.

Window Treatments

Your home will become warmer based partly on how much sunlight gets into it. For a cooler home, you will want to consider curtains, shades, blinds, drapes, screens, and shutters to cut back on heat intrusion.

Plant Trees

It is best to plant trees at a safe distance from a house in order to prevent foundation damage, but otherwise, a tall shade tree or two can certainly cut down your air conditioning bills! The amount of sunlight hitting the roof can increase your home’s temperature, so having large trees around can help filter the light at certain times of the day.

Additional Tips

Household habits can also keep your house cool. Taking cooler, shorter showers, using the oven less, and drying clothes in the sun are just a few ways to combat a hot house in summer. For more ideas, Ameri-Star Homes can help!

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