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The Benefits of Having a Loft

October 5, 2022
The Benefits of Having a Loft
With Ameri-Star Homes, a loft could be a part of your new home. Is building one right for you?

A loft is a finished living space directly below the roof and on a separate floor from the rest of the house. It is an attic complete with insulation, temperature control, and furnishings. With Ameri-Star Homes, you have the chance to build a new home that includes a loft. Is this option right for you? These benefits of having a loft can help you make your decision.

Added Property Value

A loft will certainly add property value, which is helpful no matter how long you plan to stay in your home. Higher value homes can heighten the value of the neighborhood and local area. The added square footage and utility of the space simply adds real value to your home. Additionally, the appeal of a loft can also make your home easier to sell.

An Extra Bedroom

A loft can count as an extra bedroom, especially if you include a full bathroom on the same floor. With Ameri-Star Homes, it is possible to have extra bedrooms via an optional loft and finished basement with a closed-off bedroom. Your 3-4 bedroom house can easily become a 5-6 bedroom house with these additions.

A Bonus Room

If you would like to use your loft as a guest bedroom only, then you also have an opportunity to create a room of your choice. It can be your gaming room, exercise room, hobby room, home office, kids’ playroom, and many other options. 

A Room with a View

No matter what you decide to make your loft into, it will most likely have one of the best views of the house. Situated at the top of the house, it has the most expansive view of the neighborhood or nature around you. One of the top benefits of having a loft could be the ability to enjoy the scenery from a quiet space.

Including a Loft in Your New Construction Home

A loft is an option with an Ameri-Star Homes home. Separate from the rest of the house, it offers much potential for using the space as an extra bedroom or a bonus room. If you are ready to begin your search for a new construction home in Anne Arundel County, Maryland, contact us!

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