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The Benefits of Open Floor Concepts and High Ceilings in New Constructed Homes

April 6, 2021
The Benefits of Open Floor Concepts and Volume Ceilings in New Constructed Homes
Open concept spaces create an airy and spacious feel that homebuyers will enjoy.

When finalizing the design of a new construction home, homeowners have numerous points to check off their lists. While practical and stylistic matters abound, another factor is the home’s atmosphere. This atmosphere comes about through the layout and dimensions of the house itself, which includes architectural features in open floor plan concepts and ceiling heights. What are the benefits of high ceilings in new construction homes?

Visually Enlarged Space

As a principle in architecture, opening up space up and increasing sight lines visually enlarges the space of a home. The sense of airiness heightens and increases one’s creative skills and general enjoyment of the home. 

More Natural Light

Most people seek to maximize natural light in their homes—the more sunlight that comes into the house, the better. While the direction the house faces does matter, having more windows and general openness also contributes.

Potentially Higher Value in Buying New

One of the benefits of buying new is you are benefiting from the most efficient and sought after architectural designs that meet current market demands. That most often equates to a potentially higher appreciation rante than a home that has an older and antiquated flow and design.  

A multitude of Open Concept Ameri-Star Plans from which to Choose 

We invite you to visit our website, specifically the Home Plans and 3D Tours. There you’ll find a multitude of architectural designs that promote the open floor plan concept. These homes range from efficient more modest square footages to larger designs. On many of these plans you can virtually move about the home on-line and experience their open, airy designs.

Let Ameri-Star Homes Build Your New Custom Home!

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