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The Joys of Living in Central Maryland

December 29, 2021
The Joys of Living in Central Maryland

What is life like in central Maryland? Turns out, there’s tons to enjoy!

Maryland is an “America in miniature,” a state with vastly different topographical traits from east to west and a variety of different community sizes across the land. Whether you prefer small towns, suburban neighborhoods, rural farmlands, or thriving metropolises, this state has it all. Each region is unique. If you are interested in moving here or to a different region, here’s why living in central Maryland is truly a treat.

Proximity to the Water

Central Maryland includes Anne Arundel County, which has an impressive shoreline of over 533 miles. The Chesapeake Bay and its many rivers and creeks create an idyllic setting for waterfront living. Marylanders of all kinds can enjoy a myriad of water activities close to home, including swimming, boat riding, sailing, rowing, kayaking, paddle boarding, fishing, and crabbing. It is a pleasure to simply view the water from afar.

Fantastic Weather

In Maryland, you can experience all four seasons and then some. If you prefer sunny days and a relatively mild climate, then this state is for you. Maryland gets an average of 202 sunny days per year, which is about the same as the average for the United States. Its summers and winters are not as harsh as other areas, and it enjoys an occasional spring-like day in winter.

Proximity to Major Cities

Central Maryland is home to the state capital of Annapolis, a deeply historic city with much to offer. It is also conveniently located and within an easy commute to Baltimore City and Washington, D.C. The highway structure makes it straightforward to go back and forth from each city for work or recreation.

Culture & Food

Living in central Maryland, one can be at the center of Maryland pride. Maryland is rich in culture and cuisine, and few states can rival its citizens’ state pride. One can find an array of options to suit one’s interests, such as art, sports, and charity. You can also partake in traditional activities like eating Maryland blue crabs while having access to craft breweries and vineyards.  The vast and diverse landscape provides options for access to the mountains of Western Maryland or the beaches of the Eastern Shore.

Affordable, Customizable Housing

The joys of living in central Maryland would not be complete without having a beautiful home to call your own. In Maryland, you can affordably build your own, customized home with Ameri-Star Homes and enjoy amenities like water access, proximity to jobs, and quality schools. We are always looking for new opportunities to build and look forward to bringing your home to life.

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