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Third Floor Ideas for New Homes

March 15, 2022
Third Floor Ideas for New Homes

How might you design the third floor of your new house?

Ameri-Star Homes provides many custom options for clients looking to build their dream home in Maryland. One of these options is the number of floors. If desired, one can build a home with a basement and three stories above it for a total of four levels. Alternatively, some conditions such as high-water tables provide that a home must be built on slab or crawl-space.  If you are wondering how a third floor could work for you, here are several third-floor ideas and some considerations to keep in mind.

Master Suite

One common use for a third story is a master suite. The third floor may be reserved entirely for the master suite, complete with the bedroom, master bath, and a walk-in closet. Putting the master suite on the third floor also gives the opportunity to build a private balcony off the bedroom.

Guest Bedrooms

An alternative third floor idea is to use it for guest bedrooms. One can divide the space into at least two bedrooms and a bathroom, creating a comfortable, quiet haven for guests and kids home from college. Some may even turn the space into a rental.

Home Office

While it is not in use for guests, one could also use it as a home office. One of the greatest challenges of the past few years has been juggling remote work with home life. Ideally, the home office should be separate from the rest of the house. In this case, a third-floor office could prove convenient.

Hobby Room

A room could be anything you like it to be. It could become your home gym, your music room, your theater room, or an artist’s studio. If you are a collector, it could be a place to display and house your valuables. The possibilities are endless.

Entertainment Space

Meanwhile, the third floor could also make an excellent entertainment space or children’s playroom. One can keep the party or kids’ toys contained from the rest of the house. If the space is for children, it could later convert to a homework zone and spare bedroom.

Third Floor Considerations

One should work with a designer like Ameri-Star Homes to create a third floor that suits the house design and homesite.  Check out the McDowell floor plan on the Ameri-Star Homes website Floorplan page to see an example of a 4-story home with 3 finished levels above grade. 

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