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Benefits of Building a Two-Story Home

March 11, 2022
Benefits of Building a Two-Story Home

Why build a two-story home as opposed to a single-story home? There are more benefits than meet the eye!

When building a new home, one can choose between various suitable house plans and customize them to your needs. One of the choices one can make is how many stories their home will have. A two-story house is the most common, but why is it so appealing? It turns out that there are many advantages to building a two-story home that many might not realize at first. Actually, Ameri-Star Homes provides some floor plan options with 3 finished levels above grade. Combine that with the basement level and your home can have 4 finished levels of living area.

Gain More Land

Simply put, a two-story home can provide more yard space. A single-story house can have a much broader foundation and thus a smaller yard and lawn. The extra square footage provides more space for the lawn, garden, and outdoor living spaces.

Save on Utilities

Surprisingly, you can also save money on utilities in the short-term and long-term by building a two-story house. Designing the electrical wires, plumbing, and HVAC system within two stories is more compact and efficient. When pipes and wires have more leeway to travel both vertically and horizontally, they have less distance to travel overall. 

You can enjoy your home for years to come and spend less on your heating and cooling. The compact, vertical structure of a two-story building makes it easier to control temperatures than in a wide, long building.

Save on Building Costs and Creating a Better Value

You can also save costs on the building process. Two-story homes require less roofing, less excavation, and less foundation. Therefore, by stacking square footage on a more compact footprint, the price per square foot dramatically decreases. Plus, again you can fit your home more comfortably on a smaller home site.

More Privacy

Another benefit of building a two-story home is that you can enjoy greater privacy by apportioning the living areas and floor space. With bedroom space, being on a completely separate floor from the others can provide a sense of privacy. You can have a first-floor owner’s suite or guest bedroom suite separate from other bedroom spaces on a different floor. This also opens options for multi-generational living space.

Let Ameri-Star Homes Build Your New Custom Home!

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