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Vertical Siding: A Design Choice for You?

March 31, 2023
Vertical siding is a growing popular home exterior design.

Your home’s exterior has a large impact on how you experience your home. Even if you don’t go out much, seeing your home as you approach it can make it a welcoming or unwelcoming sight. Passersby will hopefully enjoy what they see, and your neighborhood’s value will go up. One of the newest trends in home construction is vertical siding. Is this home exterior design choice right for you?

Vertical Siding: The Newest Home Exterior Trend

Vertical siding is undoubtedly becoming a popular home exterior trend. You might already see some examples cropping up in your local neighborhood or in newly-established neighborhoods, such as Ameri-Star Homes develops, in Anne Arundel County, MD

Vertical Siding Sizes & Materials

Vertical siding is often compared to board and batten; however, they are not exactly the same. You might find wider or narrower boards; materials include wood, engineered wood, vinyl, aluminum, and fiber cement. Therefore, you can find a material and board width to suit your home, no matter the style.

The Downside of Vertical Siding

Properly-installed vertical siding is durable, low-maintenance, and will last for decades, just like regular horizontal siding. The downside is that it will require more labor to install it than horizontal siding, which will increase the cost. If vertical siding installation is within your budget, it isn’t an issue.

Vertical Siding Design Ideas


A subtle but highly effective way to implement vertical siding is to use it to accentuate exterior features like gables and bump-outs. It could apply to your bay window or the exterior of a bump-out shower, closet, or living space


Some homes have vertical siding only on the face of the house. The other sides all use regular horizontal siding. It is yet another way to increase the home’s visual interest. If you are building a house with us at Ameri-Star Homes, we can show you exactly what it would look like.

Upper Story

What if your home’s upper story could be “another story?” Add interest to your home exterior by using vertical siding only on the second story of your home’s exterior, breaking up the monotonous look of one solid wall into two. You could even use a different colored siding to add contrast.

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