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Create a Customized Spring Cleaning List

April 6, 2023
Ameri-Star Homes Customized Spring Cleaning List
You don’t need to follow a basic regimen—make a customized spring cleaning list for your home and your needs to make the most of the season.

Despite a mix of gloomy and sunny weather, spring is indeed here in Maryland, which means it’s time to consider the annual spring cleaning session. You can do much more than consider it; making a list of what to do when is the best way to prepare for the deep cleaning mission and complete it efficiently. Here’s what you need to do to create a customized spring cleaning list for your custom home.

How to Create a Customized Spring Cleaning List

List the Rooms of Your House with Space Below Each Title

Either on paper or on software, you can begin by listing all the rooms in your house. If you are writing on paper, let each room have a long column of blank space underneath it. Each house is different, so it is easiest to make a list yourself. No one knows your home’s cleaning criteria better than you!

Start with Loose Dirt, Then Stuck-On

As you list the cleaning tasks you need to do for each room, go in order as much as you can. Start by vacuuming loose dirt and dusting. Then perform a deeper clean by mopping hard floors, washing carpets if needed, and wiping down surfaces. Finally, you can declutter and reorganize as needed.

List Your Home’s Exterior & Landscape

Remember your home’s exterior spring cleaning needs as well. Your home exterior might need gutter cleaning, powerwashing, etc. Your deck or patio may need maintenance, and your sprinkler system might need to be reactivated. Add gardening tasks like pruning, mulching, etc., under the title “landscaping” or “gardening.” 

Add Due Dates

Are you really serious about cleaning your custom home? Add due dates to each room or task grouping to keep you accountable for completing the cleaning in a timely manner. It could take you a few days or several weeks. Go at your own pace.

A Customized Spring Cleaning List for Years to Come

You can use your customized spring cleaning list for years to come. You can keep your handwritten list in a kitchen drawer or type it up and print it. Waterproof your list by keeping it in a clear plastic sheet protector.

Sharing the List

If you prefer to keep it on your device, you can use software like Evernote or Google Sheets. It is easier to adjust your list as needed over the years and share it with family members participating in the spring cleaning.

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