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Kitchen Pantry and Storage Space Considerations

May 24, 2022


Kitchen Pantry and Storage Space Considerations

A kitchen pantry is just one food storage option for your custom home.

Customizing your new construction home involves making everything in the design as convenient for you and your family as possible. One room that always gets primary attention is the kitchen. As the heart of the home, it is the hub where much time is spent, and groceries come in and food is stored and prepared. When working with Ameri-Star Homes, you have the ability to customize exactly to your needs. One option is to build a walk-in pantry. Is one right for you?

Dedicated Food Storage Space

A walk-in pantry has one purpose only, and that is to store non-perishable goods. You can keep the bulk of your food storage in this space and organize it to your heart’s content. A walk-in pantry keeps all your food storage in one place, keeping the rest of your kitchen cabinets free for cookware, bakeware, and other supplies.

Extra Goods Storage

It is always good to have some extra goods on hand. A well-designed food pantry allows you to store away more goods that you only need during an emergency, such as a power outage. Canned goods, grains, beverages, and other provisions can all be kept safe in the walk-in pantry.

Grocery Shopping Drop Off

A pantry can be especially helpful when dealing with your weekly groceries. Your walk-in pantry could also be a walk-through pantry that acts as a stopping point between the garage and the kitchen. You can conveniently sort and pack away your groceries without hampering the kitchen’s traffic flow.

Messes Hidden Away

Walk-in pantries provide extra food storage space that can help keep clutter off the counter and neatly hidden away from daily viewing. You can keep all items hidden from guests and yourself for a cleaner-looking space while still having easy reach to whatever you need.

Customizable Layouts and Panty Design Options

Not all designs permit the space for a walk-in pantry. Still there are options for provisions to be made. The pantry space can be constructed without the walk-in feature but can still create an abundance of pantry space with a closet-type design. In some instances, the pantry can be a full-size cabinet that is incorporated into your kitchen cabinet design. Your food pantry doesn’t have to be chaos, however. You can customize the layout of the shelving, cabinets, and counters as you please for the most conducive arrangement for your needs. Even your pantry can be pleasing to the eye with customization.

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