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Single Car or Double Car Garage?

March 29, 2022
Single Car or Double Car Garage?

Single, double, or triple car garage? With a custom home, you can choose.

Part of customizing a new home is to design garage space. All modern homes in central Maryland come with no garage, an attached garage, a detached garage, or a carport. The Marylander’s daily transport relies heavily on driving. With a customized home, your garage can conform to a configuration fit for your needs. One of the first questions to ask, however, is, “Should I build a single car or double car garage?”

Single Car Garage

Ameri-Star Homes gives you options. If you prefer a single car garage, we have house plans that have that amenity. This option is advantageous for various reasons, one of which is that it costs less to build than a double car garage. You can save on the budget and build out later if your space needs change. Additionally, the footprint of a one car garage home is generally narrower which may be necessary to fit on a particular home site.

Other factors for choosing to build a single car garage depend on your lifestyle, storage needs, and parking options. Some do not need more than one car, and if there is more than one car, there may be room for a carport or additional parking on the driveway or curb that suffice. 

Some people do not use the garage for vehicles at all but use it as a storage space. It can be an excellent place to store bikes, landscape equipment, outdoor gear, and outdoor decorations. Some homeowners would also enjoy working out of their garage on vehicles and other equipment.

Double Car Garage

A double car garage has plenty of advantages as well. One immediately has more space, which is always welcome. If you have a larger family or prioritize having at least two cars, you will naturally enjoy having enough space to keep your vehicles out of the elements. 

The garage can also have a double purpose. It can provide space for one vehicle plus storage space or workspace. It could even become a rec room. With double the space, it can have dual functions. 

Some families may prefer to build a double car garage to futureproof any need to grow. Should you anticipate needing more than one car and the covered parking space for it, it could be a safer investment to build bigger. Even if you only have one car, a two-car garage still provides bonus space.

Customizing the Garage

At Ameri-Star Homes, you can customize your garage to fit your needs. Whether you need room for one, two, or three vehicles, we are satisfied when you are 100% satisfied with the design.

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