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How to Choose a Color Scheme for a Kitchen

June 8, 2022
How to Choose a Color Scheme for a Kitchen

These tips can help you choose a kitchen color scheme custom to you.

When building a custom home design with Ameri-Star Homes, you can easily find and customize a kitchen layout to suit your needs. Another step that goes into the kitchen design is its color schemes in terms of cabinets, countertops, backsplash, flooring, etc. This step completes the appeal of this highly important room in your home. Below are the simple steps to take when choosing a color scheme for a kitchen. The extensive array of choices and options allow you to design and build your kitchen just the way you wish. This is one of the benefits of building a new home.

Select Cabinets

The first step in deciding the color scheme for a kitchen is to select the cabinets. The cabinets take up a significant portion of the space and your kitchen budget. They can be all one color or two colors. If you use two colors, the darker one should apply to under-the-counter cabinets, as the other way around would make the room feel top-heavy. There are many choices in paint color and wood tone as well as features like distressing the cabinet door edges. You can highlight your kitchen island with a contrasting color.

Choose Countertops

The next step is to choose your countertops. The next significant part of your kitchen, the countertops should complement the cabinets. You can choose a countertop color based on contrast, undertones, texture, or its placement on the color wheel compared to the cabinet color. For example, one might pair dark cabinets with light countertops, or textured countertops with plain cabinets. There is an array of countertop materials to choose from all with various levels of maintenance and durability. You can finalize your decisions at Ameri-Star Homes’ Design Center in Glen Burnie!

Choose Flooring

Next, you will want to choose the flooring material. Hardwood, vinyl, ceramic, porcelain, concrete, and natural stone are all great choices. Once you choose a material, you can determine how it will work with the color scheme. The flooring will usually contrast with the cabinets and be the room’s secondary color; it may be similar to the countertop.

Choose Your Backsplash

The backsplash is a great way to add color or texture to a kitchen. It will typically have the most texture and patterns than any other element in the kitchen. It can also set the kitchen’s accent color.

Choose Appliance Colors

Your kitchen appliance colors could be a stainless-steel gray, white, black, colored, or hidden via an integrated appliance kitchen design with appliance facing. Whichever you choose, one could stick with one appliance color to keep the space cohesive.

Choose Hardware

Like with the appliance colors, one can keep cohesion by choosing hardware of all one color. There are many stylish options on the market; if in doubt, hold the hardware against your cabinet color of choice to see how well they go together.

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