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Benefits of Having a Backyard

October 20, 2020
Benefits of Having a Backyard
What makes backyard space so desirable? Read on for the reasons.

When buying a new home, one has numerous many geographical areas to choose from throughout Maryland. Anne Arundel County provides many excellent options, with numerous top-ranking schools and many other excellent amenities including parks, recreation, and water access. However, with everything to enjoy in the area, having a backyard is a commodity with many benefits of its own.

Buffer Between Neighbors

No matter how egregious a family might be, personal space is always valuable. Backyards give some physical distance between neighbors, allowing families to enjoy their own outdoor space in privacy. A backyard, especially a spacious one, is like an extended living space.

Running Ground for Pets

A spacious backyard also makes it easier to have pets, especially dogs. If you want a dog, you’ll need to have a fenced-in area to keep it in bounds and protected from intruders and other animals. A backyard gives much-needed running space for your pets without the need for a park.

Play Area for Kids

Similarly, backyards make an excellent play area for kids. With a fenced-in, spacious yard, your kids can run around freely and still remain safe and supervised. You also have more room for additions like a swimming pool, playground set, a treehouse, and much more.

Room for Entertainment

Backyards aren’t just for pets and kids. You are free to landscape this space any way you want, and that includes adding outdoor living areas like a patio or deck. You can make it your go-to entertainment center complete with the grill, fire pit, and furnishings.  Outdoor living space is a sought after amenity in a new home as it is an extension of your indoor living space.  At Ameri-Star Homes we provide an array of customizable outdoor living areas and can demonstrate examples in our Model Homes.

Room for Additions

Aside from the fundamental uses for a backyard, it is also a place to designate to other unique functions. For example, a large, sunny backyard is perfect for gardening, whether for food or flowers. You can also leave the option open for building a garden shed or even an in-law suite.

A Spot of Nature

Lastly, having a backyard gives the simple benefit of the outdoors. It’s a place to enjoy fresh air, sunshine, and all that nature has to offer. Spending time in nature each day has significant mental and physical health benefits, which is a win for everyone.

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