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Benefits of Having a Basement

June 12, 2024
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Is having a basement worth it? Here’s what you could gain!

Are you considering which floorplan is best for your new home? If you are building a new construction home, you have options. Some of Ameri-Star Homes’ many floorplans include a basement, which you can finish or leave unfinished. If you love one floorplan but aren’t sure if the basement is worth it, here are the benefits of having a basement to keep in mind.

Why Live in a House with a Basement?

Additional Square Footage

Who doesn’t love more space? With a basement, you will have extra square footage in your home that doesn’t impede on the upstairs or the yard; it is safely tucked below ground. If you have a set budget and it allows you to have a basement, why not go with more space than less?

Emergency Shelter

Basements are also excellent emergency shelters. Periodically, Maryland has sustained serious hurricanes and storms, and their danger to homes was real. A basement will shelter you and your family during a serious storm better than a door frame can. Plus, you can store all your emergency supplies with you.

Utility Storage

Are you used to a house where the utilities are in the middle of the home? Utilities like your air conditioner and furnace can be loud and take up a lot of space. It is nice to have somewhere to put them out of the way. A utility room in your basement would be the perfect place, keeping them out of the way but easy to reach.

Multi-Purpose Room

A basement, finished or unfinished, is an instant multi-purpose room. Ideally finished, it could be your laundry room, your rec room, and your guest room all on one floor. You could turn it into an in-law suite or make it into a speakeasy. It could be anything you like!

A Great Rec Room Opportunity

Basements are great for hosting parties. Away from the rest of the house, they limit noise and movement. Alternatively, if you have a home business, a walk-in basement could be a great place to host customers.

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