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Tips to Design a Guest Room

April 17, 2024
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Your house is for you, but your guest room should be five star too.

If you are building a new construction home, you can likely customize it to your needs. Although custom homes are made with the owners in mind, you can also give back and make it a comfortable abode for guests. What are the five top tips to design a guest room that no one should overlook? Check them out below!

Make It Multi-Purpose

If you want to save space in your home and make every room functional from day to day, make the guest room a multi-purpose space. A popular combination is a guest room and home office combination. You can use this private room as your workspace regularly but give it up to guests when they come over.

Make It Space-Saving

If you want to have more floor space when the guest room is not a guest room, then consider some clever ideas to make it space-saving. You could use a Murphy bed, which folds up against the wall into built-in cabinetry, or a daybed, which you can use as a couch. Those are just two of many creative, practical options.

Give It Its Own Bathroom

The most luxurious type of guest bathroom is one that has its own bathroom. It does not have to be a massive bathroom, but serviceable and clean. If you are designing your new house, three options to put your guest bathroom would be on the second floor with the other bedrooms, above the garage, or in the basement.

Provide Closet Space

For a comfortable stay, it’s nice to have some storage space for clothes so guests don’t have to live out of their suitcases. Include a closet with enough hanging space for guests and/or some empty clothes drawers.

Make It Five-Star

Lastly, all there is to do is to furnish the guest room nicely. Make it a five-star experience, providing everything the guest could need from hand towels to waste baskets. Keep the room clean and fresh. Be careful; more people might want to be a guest in your beautiful guest room and home!

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