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Unusual Bathroom Design Ideas

April 11, 2024
Third Floor Bathroom (Medium)
A bathroom doesn’t have to be basic. Have you thought of these ideas?

Bathroom designs can become generic, and usually, the common combination of a shower, toilet, and sink is all we need. When you can customize your home design however you want it to be, you have a lot more options than you might think. Concerning the bathroom, here are some unusual bathroom design ideas that you might find inspirational.

Have You Thought of These Unusual Bathroom Designs?

Water Closet

Water closets, a separate room just for the toilet, are becoming more popular. Enclosed inside or beside the bathroom, they let multiple people use the bathroom at once while maintaining privacy. Some water closets also include a sink.

Shower and Water Closets

Some bathrooms not only have a water closet but a shower closet as well. With the shower and the toilet sectioned off, you have even more privacy available and ease of access to the bathroom sink.

No Walls Between the Bathroom and Bedroom

It’s a given to make the bathroom a separate room. What if you took down walls in the master bath? In some of today’s architectural designs, bathroom sinks and showers have limited walls separating them from the primary bedroom.

Washer/Dryer in the Bathroom

Why haul the laundry basket up and down the stairs when you can have a washer and dryer in your primary bathroom? To save space, you could install a combination washer-dryer machine.

Connected Walk-In Closet

Are you dreaming of a walk-in closet? A walk-in closet can connect directly to the primary bedroom, but it could also connect through the bathroom. This arrangement contains all your dressing and grooming needs in one place.

Double Master Baths

If you and your significant other prefer his and her bathrooms, both can attach to the primary suite. The bathrooms can be custom to each individual, including the closets. Avoid creating a labyrinth; your design should have good traffic flow. If you need a professional eye, visit a professional home designer such as you can find at Ameri-Star Homes in Glen Burnie, MD.

Laundry Chute 

Is your laundry room downstairs? Make it easier for yourself with a handy laundry chute in your bathroom or in the upstairs hallway. It can reside on a wall or hide in a bathroom vanity or cabinet.

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