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Questions to Ask When Building a Home

April 3, 2024
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How do you know what to ask when building a home? Here’s your answer!

If you intend to build a new home rather than buy one, you likely have decided on a single-family home as your next dwelling. Building a house is undoubtedly a big project, but with much counsel and wisdom, you can go forward confidently. Avoid the nightmares and know these top questions to ask when building a home.

What to Ask When Building a New Home

Where Do I Want to Live?

Each of these questions involves details that could fill pages, but the first is to ask where you want to live. What country, state, region, city, and neighborhood suits you best? Are you looking for a rural plot or a city suburb? Do you want to live in the mountains or on the coast? Of course, you also want to find out what the neighborhood’s crime rate, school ratings, and accessibility to amenities are.

What’s My Budget?

The budget is all-important. You will not qualify to purchase a new construction home without qualifying for a mortgage, which tells you how much you can afford. Aside from the mortgage budget, you also want to budget for closing costs and future costs like utilities, yard maintenance, property taxes, home insurance, and HOA fees if applicable. A new home is great to own, but it is also a new responsibility!

What Kind of House Do I Want?

What house style would you like? What size would the house be, and how much acreage are you looking for? You can also consider the position of the house; a home with large, south-facing windows will give you the most natural sunlight, while north-facing windows give you the least. You can also consider details like the home layout, the garage’s position, outdoor living features, etc.

Which Builder Should I Hire?

Avoid hiring builders who will ghost you, charge you extra, deliver poor construction, or fail to deliver on promises in general. Look for a home builder with an excellent character, a goal to get you the best deal, and the resources to build the home you want in your area. 

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